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Leaky Gut Syndrome – Part 4
Jun 27

Leaky Gut Syndrome – Part 4

Foundation for Health Food Plan

A basic diet of vegetables, fruits and whole grains provides a foundation that can be applied to any health condition. It promotes healing and offers good balanced nutrition.

The following guidelines can be used for food selection:

1) Emphasis on natural, whole foods from the plant kingdom. These foods promote health by providing:

  • Plant proteins
  • Vegetables that give vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fiber
  • Essential fatty acids
  • Herbs and spices for seasonings and therapies.

These foods should be included in every meal.

2) Natural organic fruits. Enjoy the fruits of the season in bundance. They provide many vitamins, minerals and enzymes. They make an excellent snack or light meal to be eaten in the afternoon or early evening.

3) Whole grains provide fiber, B vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates and will support and give energy to the body. These are best eaten in
the afternoon or evening.

4) Animal proteins are to be used sparingly. Emphasis should be given to fish, chicken, eggs, cottage cheese and yogurt. Red meats are a high stress food and should be eaten no more than once a week.

5) Food combining to optimize digestion. The CWS Five Lifestyle Classes teach how to combine foods in meal plans. Proteins and carbohydrates should not be eaten at the same time. We recommend eating
various types of vegetables and proteins in the same meal.

6) Proteins should be consumed early in the day. A high protein
breakfast provides great fuel for the body before a long days work. Lunch can be either a protein meal or a complex carbohydrate meal to sustain energy through the rest of the day.

7) Light foods are recommended in the early evening hours and include complex carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits.

8) Avoid late night eating
(after 6:00 pm)

Foods to Emphasize

  • Fresh fruits (chronic cases of candida may need to avoid during first few
    weeks of therapy)
  • Vegetables (Raw or steamed)
  • Whole grains in moderation
  • Dark green leafy vegetables provide sulfur which promotes healing
  • Sprouts provide oxygen and Vitamin K and promotes healing
  • Fresh carrot and spinach juice
  • Vegetable and green drinks
  • 1-2 TB ground flax seeds daily
  • Unsweetened yogurt daily
  • Soaked Nuts and Seeds (soaked overnight in pineapple juice)
  • Fish, poultry, yard eggs
  • Freshly prepared soups (without milk or cream)
  • Chlorophyll products

Support detoxification with: garlic, onions, chlorella, spirulina, and wheatgrass

Anti-fungal foods include: garlic , onion, broccoli, cabbage, kale, brussel sprouts, olive and flax oils, cinnamon and clove

Foods to Avoid for fungal or yeast overgrowth:

  • Sugar and yeast products. All forms of simple sugar.
  • Foods with mold (aged cheese, nuts, nut butters)
  • Refined foods and hidden sugar
  • Fruits and fruit juices during the first month of treatment
  • Dairy and dairy based products
  • Partially hydrogenated oils
  • Potato chips and other fried foods
  • Fruit juices—canned or frozen
  • Apple cider vinegar and other fermented products
  • Peanuts and peanut butter
  • Processed meats, bacon , sausage and corned beef
  • Condiments: soy sauce, catsup, mayonnaise, barbeque sauce, MSG

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