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Leaky Gut Syndrome – Part 3
Jun 28

Leaky Gut Syndrome – Part 3

5 Steps to Healing Leaky Gut

1. Improve Diet – A diet for health and healing is taught in The CWS 5 Lifestyle classes. The following should be emphasized:

  • Fruits and Vegetables (70%)
  • Protein (20%)
  • Oils (10%)
  • Raw foods if possible to increase enzymes in meal plans
  • Make a slow transition to raw foods

2. Support Digestive System with Supplements

C (Colon) Supports and strengthens the Colon as a tissue. Promotes GI drainage (homeopathic meridian opener and drainer of the GI tract.) and provides gastrointestinal support (healthy digestion and absorption of the digestive tract).


Broad spectrum detoxifier (Systemic detox – Homeopathic detox). Excellent support for any pathogen elimination program.


Mild detoxifier. Supports tissue integrity and strengthens the natural immune system.


Supports a healthy rebuilding of the entire GI tract


Promotes health and healing in the Gi tract

Accell or Accell Meal

Provides nutritional support for all the vital organs

3. Remove Offending Organisms

By combining the following herbal formulas with C (colon) the antipathogen activity will be directed to the colon tissue.

Virus: VIVIhas anti-viral and anti-staph/strep capabilities.

#5 (Stabilizer) works effectively for herpes type viruses and retrovirus

Series Therapies help to step the body through a homeopathic removal of virus

Immuno Surge boosts the body’s defense against virus and bacteria

Bacteria: #3 (Bactrex) stimulates the immune system’s anti-bacterial activity in the targeted tissue.

Gold is a powerful herbal anti-bacterial formula

Smart Silver is a powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial

Fungus: #4 FungDX enhances the anti-funtal, anti-candida activity in the targeted tissue

Candida Series Therapy is a homeopathic remedy for candida

Parasites: VRM 1-4 are herbal formulas for specific classes of parasites

Ver is a homeopathic remedy for parasite expulsion

Diaverm is for expulsion of parasites from the GI tract

Heavy Metals: CLNZ, Chemtox, Metox, a


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