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Are You Hot ?!
Jul 02

Are You Hot ?!

This year of 2007 has been a very interesting weather year. We are about one month ahead of the normal weather pattern. The snow pack melted a month ahead of normal, the heat of July was here in June, and the fire tankers have been flying overhead sooner than normal.With all this heat it is very important to make sure you are drinking enough water. I recommend you drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day. That means if you weigh 160 lbs. you would drink 80 ounces per day. Remember you are sweating much more and loosing much more fluid than you do in the colder months.You are also losing more minerals in your sweat. With the loss of minerals, heat stroke is much more likely. We gain our minerals from fruit and vegetables, mostly from green leafy vegetables, so eat lots of salads. Another source of minerals is from one of our suppliers called BioNativus. They harvest wonderful minerals from the Great Salt Lake. This awesome body of water holds many keys to health. The Great Salt Lake receives its water from 35,000 square miles of the most mineral rich dense land in the world. All 72 minerals and noble gasses are found in this water. What’s interesting is that these minerals are highly electrically charged due to being hit by lightening from the electrical storms of the summer. This charge helps with the absorption of the minerals into your cells.Don’t dry up and blow away this summer!! Stay well hydrated and add minerals to your water. Stop by the office and pick up a bottle of minerals to add to your water. The minerals come in a straight liquid, or they can be added to the water with a tasty concentrate. If you have any questions, call the office and one of the staff can answer any questions you might have. To your Health!!Doctor Giles

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