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Are You Hungry?
Jul 09

Are You Hungry?

Are you hungry for food and the life it brings?  I just love food and the joy it brings, especially during the summer months with all of the family parties and social events. Sometimes I just lay there with my stomach so full I can hardly move or roll over.  That’s the problem!!  If I can’t move, how can I exercise? Exercise?!??!  I think I’ll just lie here a little longer and have another piece of blueberry cream cheese pie.  Does this sound familiar?  It does to me some days.


We can attend all of the wonderful parties and enjoy all of the foods, just don’t eat until you are stuffed.  When we eat to excess, we get the washing machine effect in our stomachs.  You know, when you overload your washing machine and the soap just sits on top of the clothes and doesn’t mix in with the water?  This is what happens when we overload our stomachs.  The digestive enzymes don’t mix well with the food, and improper digestion occurs.  Here are some helpful hints with eating.
1) Try to eat your proteins such as meats with vegetables.  Vegetables are a neutral food and can be eaten with both high starch and high proteins.
2) Eat high starch foods such as bread and rice with vegetables.  Again, vegetables can be digested well with either starch or protein.
3) Eat fruits alone as a meal or between meals as a snack.  Fruits are digested quickly and if you place them in the same meal with proteins, the fruit will ferment as protein takes a longer time to digest.
4) Eat a diet consisting of 50% vegetables, 20% fruits, 20% proteins, and 10% fats. Remember to not eat the fruit with meals.
5) Water is best sipped during a meal rather than drinking a lot of water.  If you drink a lot of water with the meal, the digestive enzymes are diluted and it is harder to have appropriate digestion.
6) Eat dessert first as life is too short!!!  No, eat dessert, but just a little and later on after the meal. You can add almonds or nuts, to slow down the “jet fuel” effect of the sugar. Make desserts that involve better choices for the sugar.
Follow these ideas, and you will have a much better digestion, and you will still be able to eat and have fun at those family parties.  Here’s to your health!  For more information, call the office at 801-298-4646.

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