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Rest is the Fourth Essential of Life
Jul 27

Rest is the Fourth Essential of Life

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The Fourth Law of Health – Rest

Are you getting at least eight hours of rest per night?  Many of us woefully lack in this department.  You need at least eight hours in bed in order to have enough time to get each type of rest you need.  You may have heard of REM sleep or rapid eye movement sleep.  This is the most important type of restful sleep and happens for about five of the total eight hours you are in your bed.

Normally it takes about one and a half hours in the beginning of the night to drop into REM sleep.   You are in REM for about five hours and the last hour and one-half you are coming out of deep sleep.

If you are not getting at least eight hours in your bed at night, you are costing yourself the ability to repair your body.  REM sleep is the time when your body totally relaxes from the stress of the day and the body uses energy resources to repair.

Being consistent about when you sleep is also important as this will help with your circadian rhythm, or the natural ebb and flow of life.  This rhythm allows you to have more energy in the morning and throughout the day.  And naturally, the energy frequency will drop so by the evening time you are ready to drop into your sleep pattern.

What type of bed you sleep on is very important.  We recommend the My Comfort Bed and have a sample in our office.  This bed has a special gel material just under the sleeping surface that allows your hips and shoulders to sink into the gel allowing pressure relief, while supporting your low back and neck, offering support and pressure relief — all in the same mattress.

Proper rest is vital to good health.  Allowing your body to de-stress during sleep so it can repair will add health and happiness to your life.

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