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Breathing – The 5th Essential of Life
Aug 06

Breathing – The 5th Essential of Life

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The Fifth Law of Health – Breathe

Commentary by Dr. Troy Giles:

Breathing has always been a good thing for me and my life.  I enjoy breathing and what it does for me.  That may seem silly, until you can’t breathe.  I found out what this is like when I was up to scout camp last summer.  We went to Camp Steiner, which is approximately 10,000 feet.  I got altitude sickness and woke up at 3 a.m. in a panic as I was not getting enough oxygen.  I had to hike down to the car and descend to a lower altitude.  Once I was about 1,000 feet lower in elevation, I felt much calmer and could get enough air again.  I talked to one of my neighbors, a medical doctor, and he told me that it was a good thing I came down as it would have gotten worse if I hadn’t.  I think the problem was that I had a 44 oz. Mountain Dew on the way up to the camp as I was very tired and used it to keep me awake.  The large amount of caffeine and carbonation diminished my capacity to carry oxygen.

Several concepts are important when considering breathing:

1.    Breathe good clean air.  This is difficult in our environment today.  Especially if you live along the Wasatch Front, or in any large city.  The air is usually contaminated with particles that are not too good to breathe.  If you can, purchase an air filter for your home that will help clean the air.  You can also purchase smaller portable filters for your car that will help while driving.  Freeway commuting is detrimental for us as most often we are breathing the exhaust of the cars in front of us.

2.    Practice deep breathing exercises each day.  Many of us don’t breathe deeply enough from our bellies.  We are used to shallow breathing.  The first breath we took as an infant was full of pain as the air seared our lungs.  We decided subconsciously at that time that breathing was not good and we should only breathe shallow.

3.    Don’t drink carbonation as it diminishes your capacity to carry oxygen in the blood.

Deep breathing and free movement of air in and out of our lungs is vital to optimal health.    Breathe and be healthy.

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