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Thinking – the Sixth Essential of Life
Aug 13

Thinking – the Sixth Essential of Life

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The Sixth Law of Health – Thinking

To be or not to be, that is the question.  In my opinion, this famous quote means to think and be alive and how you play the game of life.  How do you show up every day and in every situation?  How you think determines your actions.  Most of us think and act from our past programming.  As we move through life, our experiences shape our present and future.

As we have these experiences, we record every emotion into our subconscious.  Every good and bad experience, along with the emotion of that experience, is recorded.  Each of these experiences is like an anchor that is sunk down into the sand of our remembrance.  As we approach a new situation that appears similar to an old experience, we turn around and pull on the anchor to remind us how we should act along with the old emotion.  We then turn to face the present situation and respond with the emotion from the past.  The response is often inappropriate for the present situation.

Wouldn’t it be nice to respond to our present situation clear of past emotions so we could respond to what is in front of us instead of what is behind us?  The way to do this is to let go of the past emotions associated with the past experience.  Past experience can be a tool in our tool belt of life that can be used effectively when used without emotional attachment.  When we are able to remove the emotion from the subconscious we can move through forgiveness.  Forgiveness can be difficult, yet in the long run, it is far easier to forgive than to live with resentment.  Through forgiveness, you can move away from the pains of the past and achieve real freedom.

We are able to let the emotion of our past go through forgiveness and through breath-work.    Once the negative emotion is released, new beliefs can be programmed through a positive affirmations program.  These techniques are very powerful and can be easily incorporated into the standard office visit.  So, to be or not to be, the answer is to be.

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