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Detoxification Therapy
Nov 27

Detoxification Therapy

One of the most important things we teach at the Family Wellness Center is the importance of detoxification.  Due to the many toxins we have in our environment, most of us have high levels of toxic matter in our bodies.  These toxins cause significant damage to our cells, which create tissue damage, which create organ damage.  As our tissues become more toxic, it overloads our lymphatic system and we become like a swamp.  I tell patients all the time that we need to drain the swamp!!!  The following information is what we use in the office to help “drain the swamp”.

Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

An excellent method to detoxify the body is the Far Infrared Sauna.  Its dry, warming energy is highly compatible with the human body.  It heats the tissues several inches deep, enhancing metabolic processes.

Far Infrared sauna therapy is different than most “hot boxes”.  This type of sauna uses the frequency of Far Infrared which is one of the frequencies emitted from the sun.  As this energy enters the body, it causes the cells to vibrate at the same frequency as the far-infrared.  This vibration and the temperature increase of the body causes the cells to “sweat or detoxify”.

The patient places a mixture of filtered mud from the Great Salt Lake all over their body.  This mud causes the body to detoxify more effectively.  Once the mud is on the patient, they put on their own shorts and shirt or sweat suit and sit in the sauna.  The patient sits in the sauna for thirty minutes then comes out and bounces on a rebounder for 3 minutes to stimulate the lymphatic flow.  They then sit in the sauna for another thirty minutes.  The treatment last for a total of one hour.


Lymphstar Pro Lymphatic Massage Therapy
The Lymphstar Pro is a vibrational energy technology.  As such, it emits “information” to the body via harmonics of sound and frequencies of light to the energy field of the cell.  It produces this information through the vehicle of “noble gas ionization”.  There is a long tradition of research into the energetic effects of these noble gases.  An optimal mixture of xenon, argon, and krypton is enclosed in a Pyrex glass tube.  These gases are excited by an electrical current which then cause an energy field, or plasma, to emit from the glass tube onto the skin.  Next, critical to an effective instrument, is the complexity of the circuit that generates the waves, or frequency patterns, of the information.  The Lymphstar Pro has an optimal circuit design for this purpose.

The Lymphstar Pro is applied by placing the transmission head, or heads, on the skin.  Use of the instrument on the body is followed by a lymphatic drainage technique.  Or it may be used apart from the drainage technique as a therapy itself, complimenting other techniques of detoxification.
Cygnus Foot Bath Detoxification Therapy
Foot bath therapy is a very effective therapy for detoxification.  This technology produces both positive and negative charges through an array placed into a tub of water.  During 20 to 30 minute unattended sessions, patients’ feet soak in the tub, and the computerized array emits frequencies that both balance the energy meridians and draw toxins from the body into the water.
The negatively and positively charged ions in the water attract the negatively and positively charged toxins in the body through the tissues of the feet.  Toxic ions are then excreted through the pores of the skin of the feet and expelled into the water instead of needing to be processed by the liver and excretory system.

We find that foot bath therapy is a very effective technique for detoxification especially when it follows the Lymphstar Pro lymphatic drainage therapy.

Our overall detoxification process in the office includes the Far Infrared Sauna, Lymphstar Pro with lymphatic drainage technique, and the Cygnus Foot Bath.  These three technologies along with proper supplementation support the detox process.  Call today for your consultation to determine if you or a loved one would benefit from our detox process.  801-298-4646

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