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Spinal Correction and Rehabilitation
Nov 28

Spinal Correction and Rehabilitation

Spinal correction and overall body alignment is so important in the concept of true health.  The physical body and its treatment is one of the three sides of the wellness triangle.  As a chiropractor, I focus on the alignment of the body with all of its joints and articulations.  I feel the alignment of the spine starts with appropriate foot position which ultimately affects the sacrum which is the foundation of the spine.

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Once the feet are in a neutral position, the rest of the joints of the body can be analyzed for appropriate position and function.  If mal-position of any joint is detected, the chiropractic adjustment helps to bring alignment and proper function to that joint and ultimately to the nerve roots and the areas of the body (muscles, organs, etc.) that they feed.

Following the adjustment, physical therapy is applied to aid in the stabilization and strengthening process to accomplish a permanent change.  The therapies we use in our office are: inter-segmental traction, electric muscle stimulation, weighted treadmill, spinal core strengthening exercises, and home exercises.

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Our treatment for spinal correction is approximately 30 visits over a three month time frame.  This is a very intensive program and we have seen great results with patients with scoliosis, abnormal curvature of the spine, forward weight bearing of the neck and other spinal abnormalities which have followed this program.  This technique along with specific home exercises and regular maintenance adjusting is an excellent way to maintain spinal alignment.

Remember, in order to obtain complete wellness, you need to focus on the three sides of the Triangle of Health; Structure, Emotion, and Physiology.

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