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Emotional Release Technique
Jun 18

Emotional Release Technique

Emotional Release and
Mind Makeover Techniques

As part of the triad of health, emotions play a key roll in maintaining overall good health.  Research shows that the majority of us run in the “fight or flight” mode most of the time.  In this state, our nervous system is constantly stimulated which causes the vitality of our body to decrease and ill health symptoms to appear.

The Emotional Release Technique is a very simple way for clients to let go of emotions associated with past experiences.  The client creates a list of situations in their past that carry negative emotions.  This list includes things they “Did” that they wish they didn’t do, “Didn’t Do” that they wish they would have done, and things that “Were Done” to them that they wish never happened.  We all have emotions from our past stored in our subconscious.  These emotions cause our nervous system to run abnormally.

The technique is to have the client think about the emotion while they hold their breath as long as possible and go through a forgiveness process.  Holding of the breath helps to reboot the nervous system of the body.  The forgiveness process allows the client to let go of the negative emotions they have held for so long.  After this process is complete, the client participates in a computerized Mind Makeover session.

The Mind Makeover technique utilizes a computer program to create a digital recording of positive affirmations.  The client chooses various affirmations that resonate with what they are working on in their life at that time.  They also make a selection from a music library that they will enjoy listening to.  The client is recorded saying the affirmations in their own voice, with feeling.  The affirmations are then integrated with the client-selected music and captured as a digital recording and burned to a CD, MP3 or iPod file format and may be replayed by the client anytime daily.  Hearing the positive affirmations in their own voice with music the client likes is a powerful tool for “reformatting” the brain.

These two techniques help to balance the emotional side of the Triangle of Health.

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