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All About the Female System – PMS and Menopause
Jul 28

All About the Female System – PMS and Menopause

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Female System – PMS and Menopause

The female system undergoes an amazing and intricate set of changes in hormone levels all the way from the beginning of menses, to menopause.  These hormonal fluctuations are the reason women are able to bear children.

Puberty – This is the beginning of the process when the female body begins to have surges of estrogen at the beginning of the cycle, and progesterone at the ending of the cycle.  The fluctuations in these two hormones are what cause the menstrual cycle.  Puberty begins around the age of 12.  Normal changes in the female body include breast, hip and chest enlargement, resulting in the “hour glass” shape; menses begins; and there is usually a growth spurt.

PMS – Pre-Menstrual Syndrome is a set of symptoms that can cause the normal cycle to be very uncomfortable.  There are many causes of PMS, but the main factor is that estrogen levels are too high at the end of the cycle when normal levels would be relatively low.  These elevated estrogen levels are often a result of abnormal function of the pituitary and/or too much estrogen in the diet from chicken, beef, and animal husbandry.  Junk food and an over abundance of simple carbohydrates can also cause PMS since these factors create an overall inflammatory state in the body.  If the system is already over-inflamed during the month there is not much room for more inflammation during the normal menstrual cycle.

Treatment of PMS – There are three primary ways to treat PMS:
1)    Diminish the amount of simple carbohydrates in the diet helping to decrease the over-all inflammation in the body.
2)    Decrease the amount of conventionally grown beef, and chicken in the diet.  Choose free-range or products grown without added hormones in the food.  This will decrease the abnormal levels of estrogen.
3)    Support the system with natural supplementation such as Fem-Affirm and PMSync, two supplements that support the cycle before, during, and after menses.

Menopause – This is the cessation of the normal female cycle.  This usually occurs around the age of 45 to 55 years old.  The condition may include hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal dryness, a marked decrease in estrogen, and bone loss or osteoporosis.  For many women this is a very difficult time as these symptoms can become quite severe.

Treatment of Menopause – Primary treatment protocol for menopause is to support the normal life functions.
1)    Eat right, including decreasing simple carbohydrates and increasing fruits and vegetables.
2)    Get plenty of rest and support the system with supplementation such as Fem-Affirm, Hormone Combination, Female Balance and Meno-Fem.
3)    Estrogen Replacement Therapy is not recommended as research indicates the decrease in estrogen is a normal process.
4)    Progesterone should be supplemented as this is the hormone needed more at this time of life.
5)    Increase mineral supplementation to help counteract osteoporosis.

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