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Kidney and Urinary Function
Jul 28

Kidney and Urinary Function

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Kidney and Urinary Function

Proper kidney and urinary function are vital to a healthy functioning system.  The kidneys are one of the major filters of the body and, along with the liver and spleen, filter the blood and remove toxins.  The kidneys are also responsible for maintaining normal electrolyte levels and contribute in the control of blood pressure.

Factors in Kidney and Urinary Dysfunction:

Dehydration – One of the main contributing factors to kidney dysfunction is dehydration.  Many of us do not consume enough water each day.  We are very busy and forget to drink enough water.  We should drink one-half our body weight in ounces of water each day.  This means if you weigh 160 lbs, you should consume 80 ounces per day of water.  Water is the cleanser and medium for movement of particles in the body.  If we do not have enough water, the fluids become thick, slowing the movement of toxins out of the body which leads to toxicity.

Acidity – Eating a diet too high in proteins or drinking carbonated drinks causes the body fluids to be acidic.  Acid causes tissues to burn and become less effective.  The kidney is very susceptible to high levels of acid and is one of the main organs to buffer the system when too much acid exists.  Acidity also leaches minerals out of the bones.  The increase of bony minerals in the blood allows kidney stones to form.  Kidney stones are very painful and cause trauma when they pass.

Poor Evacuation of the Bladder – Many people are so busy that they hold their urine longer than they should.  This causes the bladder to enlarge and many times when the person goes to the bathroom, they are unable to totally evacuate the bladder of urine.  This can lead to chronic bladder infections and a possible backup of urine into the kidneys.

Chronic Layers of Infection in the Bladder – Females have an increased chance for bladder and kidney infection due to the proximity of the urethra to the other anatomical parts of the elimination system.  Sexual intercourse and wiping after urination are also factors in the cause of bladder infections.  Females should always urinate after intercourse, and always wipe from front to back after urinating.

Treatment and Maintenance of the Urinary System:

1)    Drink one-half of your body weight in ounces of water per day.
2)    Do not drink soda pop as it causes major stress on the kidneys.
3)    Eat foods that help the body to be alkaline such as vegetables and fruit.
4)    Respond to your body’s natural urges for elimination and allow the flow to occur naturally instead of forcing the flow.
5)    Females should always urinate after sexual intercourse and should always wipe from front to back.

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  1. Maria Manning

    I just finished watching your “How to Treat Kidney Stones” video on Youtube. Where can I get “Kidney Clear” and is there a specific name brand? I have looked online and there are so many different name brands. I have calcium kidney stones and they want to do the lithotripsy procedure to remove a stone from my left kidney. I am looking for other treatments if possible. Thank you for your reply. Maria Manning

  2. Dr Giles Author

    We have Kidney Clear available at the office. Give us a call and we can help you out. 801.298.4646

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