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Sexual Dysfunction and Low Libido
Jul 28

Sexual Dysfunction and Low Libido

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Sexual Dysfunction and Low Libido

Sexual dysfunction and low libido are very common problems in today’s society.  Our lifestyle is so fast, compact, and stress filled, that many of us burn out and have overall low endocrine function.  The endocrine system is the hormonal system that controls our pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, ovaries, testicles and the hormones each one of these glands produce.

Possible problems:
Stress – Most people are under so much stress that their adrenal glands burn out and they experience a loss of adrenalin which is the hormone that helps you get up and go.  Adrenalin is known as the stress hormone and when there is too much perceived stress, the adrenal gland can not keep up with the demand, resulting in a noticeable increase in fatigue.  As the adrenal gland burns out the thyroid will try to handle the stress by producing more thyroid hormone and increasing the metabolism.  The thyroid ultimately will also fatigue, dropping the metabolism and the person begins to gain weight and feel very sluggish.  Interestingly, at least 90% of the population in the United States has low thyroid function as demonstrated by a low basal temperature test.  This is a simple test that you will do at home over a period of a few weeks.
Estrogen Imbalance – Low sex hormone production and balance is another major factor in sexual dysfunction.  Both men and women are susceptible to the hormonal fluctuations of their normal cycles.  This fluctuation is may be affected by xenoestrogens or estrogens found in chicken, beef, plastics and many other man-made substances.  These estrogens effect the female cycle by causing too much estrogen at the end of the cycle which leads to PMS symptoms.  Too much estrogen in the male may result in more female-typical characteristics as well as a decreased sex drive.
Emotional Factors – Sexual intimacy is very much an emotional interaction.  An emotional connection is a must for a healthy relationship to exist.  Because males and females are different in their perception of an emotional relationship, the meaning of an emotional connection must be discussed and understood in order for each person to have their needs met.  Without effective communication and understanding, sexual dysfunction may result.
Treatment – Correcting the endocrine dysfunction is vital to treating sexual dysfunction and low libido.  In order to implement an effective treatment protocol you must:

1)    Perform an analysis of the endocrine system and provide adequate support for each gland that exhibits diminished functionality.  We offer Adrenix, Thyroiden, Pituitin, Fem-Affirm, and Man-Affirm which are natural, herbal supplements that help to rebuild these glands.
2)    Decrease the perceived stress by making decisions that will diminish the stress in your life.
3)    Support the adrenal gland (or stress gland) with Adrenix.
4)    Eat only free-range chicken, beef and other animal products, rather than meat grown in a feed lot, to reduce excessive amounts of added hormones in the diet.
5)    Decrease relationship stress through education such as books, securing the services of a relationship coach, attending seminars, and discussing what each party in the relationship wants with regards to emotional and sexual intimacy.  Addressing all of these areas will help to strengthen your relationship with your partner.

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