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The Lymphatic System
Jul 28

The Lymphatic System

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The Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is one of the most important systems in the body.  It supports life by bringing nutrients to the cells and removing toxins and transporting them back to the liver for processing.

The lymphatic system has three major functions:

1)  Transport nutrients for cell use such as proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.
2)  Fight infections via killer cells such as killer T-Cells and Macrophage.
3)  Remove waste from cells and transport it back to the liver for detoxification.

The following example helps to illustrate the lymphatic system.  A freeway represents a major artery and blood flow, the off ramps represent a transition from the blood to the lymphatic system, and the city streets represent the lymph system.   As blood passes along the freeway or arteries, there is a 10% outflow of fluid from the circulatory system into the lymphatic system via the off ramps.  Within this fluid are delivery trucks that carry nutrients to the houses in the city which represent cells.  The houses use the nutrients and the waste is placed into dumpsters.  Garbage trucks come and pick up the waste and take it back to the burn plant or the liver.  Sometimes when the garbage trucks try to get back on the freeway, there are accidents on the on-ramp and the garbage trucks are not able to re-enter the freeway.  This causes backing up of fluid into the city or edema in the body.

Treatment for the Lymphatic System

1)    Determine the cause of excess toxins such as from leaky gut, or layers of infection.
2)    Support the body with supplementation to repair the organs and fight the infections.
3)    Help the body drain the excess fluid through supplementation and detoxification therapies.
4)    Make lifestyle changes to limit toxic exposure through the use of organic produce and free-range meats, use of filtered air and water and choosing natural or organic personal care products and household cleaners.

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