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Toxic Liver Syndrome
Jul 28

Toxic Liver Syndrome

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Toxic Liver Syndrome

The liver is the major filter and chemical processor of the body.  This filter removes all the toxins from the blood.  When the blood is toxic, the liver works to remove all the toxins.  Continued high toxic levels overwhelm the liver’s ability to detoxify the blood and its ability to function decreases.

Toxic Liver Syndrome is caused by several factors:
1)    Leaky gut
2)    Translocation of infections
3)    Food sensitivities

Leaky Gut Syndrome creates an environment for translocation of infections to occur and food sensitivities to develop.  Therefore, treating the leaky gut is vital to the treatment of the toxic liver.  Treatment of leaky gut involves removing the various layers of infection such as parasites, fungus, and bacteria in the digestive tract.  Next, support the digestive system and rebuild the colon using specific supplementation.  Replace the good bacteria with a high count acidophilus supplement and take a digestive enzyme with each meal.  Lastly, change the diet to a more natural, unaltered diet consisting of 50% vegetables, 20% fruit, 20% protein, and 10% fat.

Once the holes in the digestive system have been repaired, the toxic levels in the blood will begin to drop.  The next process is to detoxify the liver.  This is done by supporting the liver with specific supplements that help each of the lobes of the liver rebuild in preparation for detoxification.

Once the liver is strong enough, a liver / gallbladder flush is in order.  The process again is accomplished with specific supplementation to cause any gallstones and congestion in the liver and gallbladder to become soft and to be able to be expelled.  A specific diet is also followed during this process that helps to expel toxins from the liver and the gallbladder.  (Performing a liver/gallbladder flush or other type of liver detoxification before the repair of the colon takes place will dump more toxins into the blood and interstitial tissues of the body and will create a cycle of overload to the liver and lymphatic systems.)

To help maintain a clean and effectively functioning liver, we recommend a liver / gallbladder flush every six months.

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