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Treatment of Infant Colic
Sep 03

Treatment of Infant Colic

Infant Colic

Colic and difficulty nursing can be a major issue for infants.  A couple of contributing factors to these problems can be:


Anti-biotic usage via the mother or given to babies

A gynecologist I recently spoke to said that they believe that the anti-biotics given to pregnant women do not pass to the fetus.  However, for some reason in my practice, a high number of babies have fungus on their tongues or thrush in their mouths who have never received anti-biotics directly.  The fungus is easily recognizable by viewing a white coating on the baby’s tongue or in their mouth.  The baby’s tummy gets bloated, and she feels pressure and pain.  Milk has sugars that are processed which the fungus feeds on, adding to the problem.  The baby gets fussy and is hungry but doesn’t want to eat because it causes more pain.

During your baby’s visit we will check her with the Asyra scan as well as looking in her mouth and patting her tummy for the signs of fungus.  Then a usual treatment includes using a natural anit-fungal (Phung Ex) and re-establishing the good bacteria using an acidophilus product (ProDophilisFOS).  These are important steps to take not just to ease the colic, but will help with cradle cap and also strengthen the baby’s immune system to further illness and problems.

Misalignment of the neck often occurs during childbirth.  The obstetrician may need to twist or turn the neck to allow the shoulders to come through the birth canal.  This misalignment may be visually un-noticeable or visibly noticeable in the case of torticollis.  As the baby turns to feed to the misaligned side, this causes further pressure on the subluxated vertebrae and she won’t want to feed on that side.  This can be a problem for nursing mothers especially.  Getting the neck back in to position will alleviate this problem and is simple and painless.

Remember to have your baby checked chiropractically as soon as you can after birth.

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