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How to Treat Asthma
Sep 11

How to Treat Asthma

The lungs are wonderful filters for getting out toxins. An asthmatic condition is caused by toxins in the lungs that are built up or because the lungs are low functioning.  Exercise can bring up an asthmatic attack as can food or environmental allergens that irritate the lungs.  An attack happens as a result of a constriction of the airway from the lungs, trachea and bronchial lining.  The air pathway is literally closed down and the person is left gasping for air.

For an acute asthma attack, inhalers or puff medications will get the person out of trouble.  We are concerned for the daily maintenance of the lung integrity and repair and renewal of the tissue.  Daily use of the inhalers, puffs or steroids add more toxins into the body and the liver becomes overloaded.  This then adds additional stress to the lungs creating a cycle of toxin overload and the need for more inhalers.  With each asthma attack, our body also has a stress on our energy stores and our adrenal glands become tired.  This is evidenced by the dark circles under a person’s eyes.

How are the toxins entering the lungs?  We find contributing factors to be leaky gut, toxic liver and kidney overload.  Also there may be an invading pathogen from fungus, bacteria or parasite creating weakness of the respiratory system.  So treatment would first be to get rid of the pathogen, tighten the bowel, detox the liver and kidneys and repair the organs.  As these other detoxification systems are functioning better, it takes the load back off the lungs and we can begin with their repair if necessary.  Many times the lungs will strengthen on their own without all of the overload.  Of course, all we can do to keep toxins out of our bodies in the first place is a great idea by having pure air, water and foods grown without chemical interaction.

Now for a look at children:  As children play, mucus in the linings of the respiratory pathways increases due to exertion.  Add to that allergens from pollen and milk and an asthmatic situation can occur.  We find that milk allergies are quite a problem because of the pasteurization process.  Pasteurization kills the enzymes needed for the digestion of the milk.  Without these enzymes, our bodies are unable to process the milk and it becomes toxic to our systems.

We can easily check for allergens with a scan on the Asyra machine.  Call the office and mention this article for a free allergy check.

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