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How the Pro Adjuster Transforms Chiropractic
Oct 16

How the Pro Adjuster Transforms Chiropractic

How the Pro Adjuster Transforms Chiropractic

Hello, my name is Troy Giles. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and today we’re going to continue to talk a little bit more about the results that I’ve been seeing with the Pro Adjuster. Just in the short few ten days that I’ve been working with this, I have seen such amazing results. The thing that’s neat about it is I no longer have to guess, if you will, as to what vertebrae need to be adjusted. Prior to this time I’ve basically have felt the vertebrae. I’ve motion palpated them, just to see which vertebrae are not moving well. We’ve done some scans with our other computer and so forth, but to be able with each patient, take the Pro Adjuster and check each vertebrae at a time to see which ones are moving and which ones are not moving, which ones are fixated, which ones are hyper mobile, and to be able to then pinpoint those vertebrae and adjust them with the exact line of drive, with the exact amount of pressure, until the scanner, in the tip of the Pro Adjuster has a scanner right here. It’s able to pick that up. how much motion is being given to each of the vertebrae and it actually motions each segment until those segments have been able to move correctly, to where they’re moving in the center with each pulse, with each thrust that it makes, the sensor is able to pick up whether it’s getting motion and if it is, it waits for about five or ten pulses to be the same before the computer shuts the adjuster off. Then your able to go to the next area, the next vertebrae and get it to move. Just amazing, I had a patient yesterday, came in with significant pain. He bent over to pick up, I think he was picking up something at work and he couldn’t hardly even move. Well he was concerned about coming, because usually when I would see him I would put him in a side posture maneuver, where I move the leg over to one side and do a low back thrust. He was afraid of that because he thought that’s what we were going to do yesterday. Well I went ahead and did the Pro Adjuster with him and it didn’t hurt him at all. We did another therapy using the Pro Adjuster as well on his hip and he was able to move much better last night. Today he recommends that his pain was from a nine, yesterday, out of ten, down to a five out of ten, just in one day. That was amazing. Another patient I had, she is about 74 years old and she had range of motion in rotation. It should be at 90 degrees. She was at about 61 as we started. We measured her range of motion. Then we used the Pro Adjuster and this part right here is a good thing that it can actually come in. Let me just show you that really quick. It actually comes in and, let me just check here, dang it. I just pressed the wrong button. Well that’s okay. It’ll take me just a second to get back in. Okay, so when we adjust sometimes and we’re working in muscles, we’ll put this on the muscle and then that is able to work on the shoulder or whatever. So she had range of motion stiffness in her neck. So we went ahead and adjusted the vertebrae and then we put that right down on to the muscle and as she rotates her head, we’re able to move that vertebrae and move the neck back and forth. What this is doing is it’s actually adjusting or putting a pulse into the muscle. The muscle doesn’t know what’s going on. It’s receiving all sorts of input. There’s a response or a cycle between the brain and the muscle. It actually gets the muscle to release. To golgi tendon organs and muscle spindle fibers, those are big words, but those are the sensors in the muscle that tell it to contract and stay contracted. Those are interrupted and it releases the muscle. So then she went from 61 degrees clear to 88 in a matter of 30 seconds of muscle work. You should have seen her face. It was amazing. She just like turned and she kind of like double looked at me, because she could look so much further. It just went right over there. Now as we adjust over four to six weeks and do that therapy and she does some strengthening exercising, she’ll have more range of motion and be able to accommodate that new range. One last patient we had, last week, hasn’t been able to move her nose, but more than about 24 degrees before she starts to have pain. She’s had this for ten years. We did the same work, adjusted, same work in her shoulders and she was able to move it over to about 40 degrees. When she was done she started to cry, not out of pain, not that, but that she felt for the first time that she actually was going to be able to move her neck again. Now we’re going to need some work and we’re going to have to work with her more and over the next couple of months she should regain a tremendous amount of energy and range of motion. So that’s phenomenal. So these are the kinds of things that are happening. We’re so excited about them. I expect them to keep coming that same way. As I’ve talked with other doctors who have practiced for five years with the Pro Adjuster, they’ve found tremendous results. Their practices have doubled and tripled in the amount of people they are seeing just because of the effect that we’re getting. So I’m excited to see you. I’m excited to keep telling you about these wonderful things that will be happening with the Pro Adjuster. So until next time, have a great, awesome day.



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