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How to Treat Sinus Infections
Dec 12

How to Treat Sinus Infections

How to Treat Sinus Infections

Hi, my name is Dr. Troy Giles. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Natural Internist. Today I wanted to talk to you about how to treat a sinus infection. Interestingly enough, a couple of years ago this video was the number one video on all of YouTube about how to treat sinus infections. Then it got hacked by somebody and they shut us down. So we are redoing it today and so hopefully this will be beneficial for you. But, I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and interestingly enough you are looking at this video thinking “how is a chiropractor going to help me with my sinus infection?” I can tell you how to do it. It’s amazing. There are several things I am going to suggest for you. One of them is to first off, get an adjustment in your neck. Now why would you want to do that? Well, look over here. This is the spine. These are the organs. This is the vertebrae. If I touch C3 right here, it works with the sinus headaches. So what’s happening is the third cervical vertebrae sends energy up to the sinuses. So if that third cervical vertebrae is misaligned significantly it’s shutting down the energy flow up to the sinus, sinuses, eyes, and up into the head. So just getting a good adjustment into that C3, third cervical vertebrae will open up neurologically to the sinuses, all through here. Well, if we are trying to fight something, don’t we want to have the normal energy of the body? Don’t we want to have the information from the brain, down through the neck, and to the sinuses? That would be an immense important thing to me. So the first thing is to get a good adjustment. Or get a good massage in that area, or get a good acupuncture, acupressure, whatever. Take care of C3, it’s the one you want to look at, as well as all the way through the neck. So the first thing would be a good chiropractic adjustment. Secondly, to find out what the infection is in the sinus. Is it a virus? Is it bacteria? Is it fungus? So to be able to isolate what kind of infection you have. If you do have an infection, then we can give you natural supplementation that will help you to get rid of the infection. Bacteria is very common so Bacto-EX is the number one anti-fungal, or excuse me, antibacterial. Viro-EX is for a virus. We find that most infections, first infection is a virus. Then you get secondary bacterial infections. But, Viro-EX is a tremendous antiviral. So usually when I get, in the winter, which we are coming back onto now, not yet, we are only on the 31st of July, but the winter is coming. I can feel it. Virus and bacteria, I usually try to hit that. When someone comes in with an upper respiratory tract I will give them both of those, because it is usually a virus will secondarily go to a bacteria. Also, fungus is another one that is pretty big because of the amount of antibiotics that are given. Fungus will start. Fungus is very common. It doesn’t have to be massive thrush to be fungus, but you can have a layer of infection that would be from fungus. So Fung-EX is very effective. You can have microscopic parasites as well, Microsite, and you can even have heavy metals. But, trying to find out what infection you have is vital. Then we can go over and work with the organ systems. Many times people with infections, sinus infections, they are very weak in their adrenal glands. So we might give them some Adren-EX to support their adrenals. Or we might give them Thymassure, I don’t have my glasses, there we go. Thymassure, this supports the thymus gland, which is in charge of the immune system. So you want to start to look at the reason why you’ve got that infection. It’s usually you get sick first and then you get the infection. So, of these, of these different supplements you can actually order these on our website as well. It’s best if you go through my office and do a hair scan. You can actually cut a little bit of hair from the back of your head and we use that DNA in your hair to be able to determine what’s going on in your body. So anywhere around the world you can send a hair sample in. We can scan it and find out what the issues are. Then you get some supplementation from me or just on the website. But that’s tremendous. So, we have to find out why. What’s going on? What are the infections, what are the organ systems that have caused you to be weak first, and then become sick. Okay? The next thing we do is called Nasopure. Nasopure is a tremendous little nasal wash. It’s different than a Nettie Pot. You’ve maybe heard of Nettie Pots before, but Nettie Pots you have to turn your head funny and all weird so it runs in your nose. This is just done in the shower or over the sink. I prefer in the shower because you don’t have to worry about bending over. But you just take a deep breath in and as you do that, the nasal pharynx lifts up, so it makes is so that the water runs in one nostril, around to the backside, and out the other nostril. So you are literally washing one of the biggest filters that you have in your body is your nasal passages. So you are flushing the garbage out. Sometimes mucus plugs will come out that are just nasty. As the water runs around the back, it will also draw and create a suction that will draw out of the sinuses into the nasal cavity and then on out. But Nasopure is a tremendous one and you can get this from the website as well. Basically, oh and stay away from dairy during this time as well. Dairy creates a lot of mucus and has a lot of allergens in it as well. So, get an adjustment. Check out what kind of infection it is. Support the organs of your immune system. Wash your nose with the Nasopure. Stay away from dairy. That’s how you treat sinus infections. If you have any questions you can feel free to call the number on the bottom of the screen. We will be able to talk with you and give you some consultation. Our hair scans are 33 dollars. Our normal office consultation is 49. So it is very doable. It’s very affordable. So you can get help from wherever you are around the world. I hope this is beneficial for you. Until next time have an awesome, awesome day.

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