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How to Treat Auto Immune Diseases
Jun 26

How to Treat Auto Immune Diseases

How to Treat Auto Immune Diseases

Hi, my name is Dr. Troy Giles. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Natural Internist and today I wanted to talk to you about how to treat auto immune issues. Autoimmune is something I find that most, literally everybody has, almost. I think everybody has some sort of leaky gut syndrome because of how we eat. Leaky gut syndrome turns into autoimmune issues. This is why. In our gut everything comes down and we chew our food. It comes in to the stomach, it mixes with different enzymes, then it passes in to the small intestine. Once it’s in to the small intestine and large intestine and large intestine, now you’ve got an issue where if you have what’s called leaky gut, this is leaky gut here, where these toxins can pass through the gut and ultimately into the liver. This picture right here shows a lot of toxins coming out of the liver, or out of the colon, into the liver. When’s its leaking too many toxins these fat soluble toxins don’t conjugate like they should. Normally you get some fat-soluble toxins that turn into an intermediate and in phase one they turn into an intermediate. In phase two the intermediate turns to a water soluble toxin and then that’s excreted out of the kidney. So normally you only have a few toxins passing, but when the gut becomes hyper-permeable you start to get autoimmune issues. Let’s say, let’s say that this little piece right here is an amino acid. Amino acids make up proteins. A piece of chicken if protein. We chew it, we break it down, our enzymes further degradate it and digest it, down to a single amino acid. When you’ve got integrity of the gut that looks like this, so there’s only small holes here, that means that only small pieces are getting through. So only amino acids can make it through that gut. But if we become hyper-permeable, where there’s too big of holes, now all of a sudden we’re getting globs of protein. So just underneath, let’s say that this out here is the colon, the tube, and here comes a piece of protein as a piece of chicken and it actually comes through as a larger chained protein, a larger chained carbon, maybe a 10 or 12 chain carbon comes through, that actually now recognizes the body says “Hey wait a minute, this is no longer an amino acid.” This amino acid, oh I get it. I know what this is. This is the ElArginine. So I am going to take this amino acid and put it over into my heart. Or I’m going to take it over and put it into my liver. When it comes through as a piece of undigested protein, like a piece of chicken, or something, just underneath this first level, each one of these is a cell, just underneath this layer is 60 percent of the immune system. 60 percent rides right here. So as this piece of chicken comes through the body says hey wait a minute, that’s abnormal protein, send antibodies to this piece of chicken and fight it. Eat it up and take care of it. That process of fighting this protein that shouldn’t be there creates inflammation. Now we start to get inflamed gut, which leads to further inflammation or further degradation of that semi-permeable membrane. Semi means sort of permeable. It’s only allowing certain small things through. But hyper means too much, too big. So these, now these major holes are showing up allowing these toxins through. These toxins are being picked up in that first level, that 60 percent of the immune system there. So now anytime you eat, let’s say wheat, a lot of people are gluten sensitive, because gluten comes through as an abnormal protein that says wait a minute, this is abnormal, send out antibodies towards it, and likewise so around and check to see if there’s any other infections or, not infections, but any proteins that are wrong. The antibodies actually have a remembrance. They have the ability to check and see, is there something similar to what I just fought. So now the antibodies are out checking and they will start to attack different proteins of your body that look similar to those proteins that have leaked through as part of chicken or part of spinach or something of that nature. There is some research on, in the research, some of the articles suggest that juvenile diabetes, juvenile onset diabetes can be coming from milk allergens. Milk comes through as an abnormal protein. We’re not supposed to drink milk after we’ve been weaned, let alone from another species. So as that protein comes through, the body recognizes the abnormal protein, starts to search around anywhere else in the system to see what else might be there at it recognizes it and will attack the pancreas. Suggestion is that the similar protein, the body would attack it, and start an autoimmune issue to where now your pancreas isn’t working correctly. Now you have childhood onset diabetes type one. Likewise, any kind of issue, any kind of issue where the body is irritated, because of this, because of these antibodies fighting something that’s coming through the leaky gut, you could have it in the thyroid. You could have hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Dr. Hashimoto came up with thyroid inflammation and called it Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, inflammation of the thyroid. So it’s not working correctly. It’s not producing the correct thyroid hormones. Again, this would be autoimmune. So the treatment of autoimmune is first off to support the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands, you say well why are you going to adrenal glands instead of colon, helping repair leaky gut. I feel that you have to support the leaky gut, the adrenals first to get the adrenal glands up and adrenaline producing, so that you have more energy for repair. It’s like telling somebody that’s fatigued and tired on the ground. Hey wake up. Go build this house. Go build this wall again that’s been burnt down by a fire. The fire would be inflammation. We have to get them up off the ground first by giving them adrenal, some adrenaline support. Next I would work into the gut, helping the gut so that where it’s been, where it’s now wide open, we want to give it something that will help to repair it and get it so that it will become strong, so that it becomes semi-permeable versus hyper-permeable. You would also want to, when looking into the gut, we’d want to get rid of the infection, so fungus is so, so common. Fungus is so common in our guts because we take antibiotic therapy for every little thing. Every time we take an antibiotic it wipes clear 40-80 trillion good bacteria. Without these good bacteria, yeast will mutate to fungus, because their yeast are normally getting fed vitamin B. As long as these guys are being fed Vitamin B, they’re happy. As soon as their not fed, they will mutate out, create these fungus that will penetrate into the colon. Now you’ve got trouble. So we have to repair, actually repair the tissue. We use Col-Trax. It’s a supplement called Col-Trax to repair the DNA function of those organs, of these tissues, of these cells. Next we remove the offending organisms. Get rid of the fungus, the parasites, the bacteria, whatever life forms might be there. We get rid of that. Then we re-establish the good bacteria, all these little flakes. We want to re-establish that good bacteria. Lastly, we want to replace digestive enzymes so that what we’re eating, we actually are digesting well and breaking it down to usable parts. That’s going to get our gut to become strong. Now we can support the adrenal glands and chiropractically speaking T9 right here, when I touch the T9 vertebrae, that’s T8, T9 runs down into the adrenal glands. So each vertebrae has an organ that it connects to. Every single vertebrae has nerve roots that exit and go around to the organs. We want to support the adrenal glands to get them up. So we would use Adrenix and chiropractic adjusting. We also want to work with emotion. Many times with autoimmune there’s emotional connection to it as well. Most people who have autoimmune issues, well I can’t just say most people that have that, everybody has emotion, negative things that have happened to them in their lives, which were able to help you direct, find out what those issues are, and get rid of them. That’s vital. So literally autoimmune is your body eating itself up, attacking its own self by its own antibodies because its been interacted with stuff, with proteins that have come through the gut and now it has a remembrance of that particular protein and it will go ahead and start attacking any other part of the body. We’ve got to get the support of the colon back together, support the adrenal glands to come back online and then support any organ that you want. Here at the office I uses specific supplementation. Each one of these green, one of these green supplements is in charge of a specific organ. Col-Trax is for the colon. Adrenix is for the adrenal glands. All these over here are to get rid of infection. But the idea of this particular line is to repair DNA function of the organ. I can explain more to you if you have a question about that.

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