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How to Treat Pink Eye / Conjunctivitis
Aug 21

How to Treat Pink Eye / Conjunctivitis

How to Treat Pink Eye

Hi, my name is Dr. Troy Giles. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and today I wanted to tell you a little bit about treatment of conjunctivitis, or pink eye. Pink eye is very contagious, of course. Everybody knows that and we try to keep away from people with pink eye. It’s a virus that affects the conjunctivae of the eyes. It’s inflammation, basically, of the white parts of the eyes and is created by a virus. So what we do is give an antiviral called Viro-EX orally. It comes in capsules or liquid and we also use a wonderful mineral drop from the Great Salt Lake. It has been filtered, cleansed, and it has all the minerals in it, all 72 minerals and noble gasses are in this supplement. It’s very inexpensive. I think it’s like seven dollars. You can call the office here and we can send it to you. We also adjust the vertebrae. Usually there is an energy loss in that we are energy beings. Everything in us is energy. That’s all it is. We are just basically walking bags of energy. So we change that energy to the eyes by adjusting the vertebrae. So if you look over here for a second. C1 at the very top part of the vertebrae of the spine, runs all organ systems. But, you will notice that it comes out to the eyes here. As well, if we drop down and hit C2, it’s hitting eyes and lacrimal glands. So making sure that the atlas and the axis are adjusted. That’s the first two vertebrae that they are moving well, that there is energy passing through them, through the vertebrae and the nerve roots run out into those organs, which is the eyes and the lacrimal glands. Just adjusting that can open up the energy flow so you can start to drain. But you can call here to the office at anytime. We can send the mineral to you and hopefully that will help you very well. Keep your kids away people with conjunctivitis, especially, you know, if they are in school. They may need to stay home until the redness is gone. Oft times it can turn into a secondary bacterial infection. So we also have Bacto-EX, which is a natural antibiotic that will help as well to get rid of that. Those two things are very, very effective. We also have Ocuvis, which is a natural herbal supplementation to give nutrient to the eyes themselves. So those basically, that concept, so we have Ocuvis to repair eyes, Viro-EX and Bacto-EX for the virus and secondary bacterial infections that can come and then we also use Tox-EX to help pull the toxins of the die off of that. So those will help a lot. So if you have any questions, make sure you feel free to call the office. You can also look us up online at There are a lot of videos we have there for you. So I hope that is beneficial for you and have a great day.

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