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How to Treat Gout Naturally
Sep 16

How to Treat Gout Naturally

How to Treat Gout Naturally

Hi, my name is Dr. Troy Giles. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Natural Internist and I wanted to tell you today a little bit about gout and what you can do to treat it. Gout is an issue of the kidney usually and eating to much proteins, especially if your kidney is having troubles. It will overwhelm your kidney with the amount of proteins. Without appropriate amount of digestion or breakdown of normal byproducts of protein, you will end up getting uric acid and uric crystals, which is down in the big toe, usually, of the foot. It can be in any joint as well. It can also be seen on x-ray as well. You will be able to see the big toe and you can see there is degeneration of that joint, a lot of irritation and inflammation around the joint as well. It’s a deposition of this uric acid or urea crystals, again, from mal-digestion or mal-absorption of proteins, specifically though, if the kidneys are having an issue. So if the kidneys are stressed because they’ve had, you drink a lot of pop, or you drink, you get dehydrated or you’re not drinking enough water, the kidneys and the tubules can become irritated, when that happens, or they can be hit by a virus for example. So the kidney isn’t doing what it should do, you will start to have trouble digesting your heavy proteins. So meat protein specifically beef, steak, people who get gout, oft times will have a high abundance of eating animal proteins. So treatment of that is diminishing your animal proteins. There is also a chemical. I can’t remember the name of it, that you can get from your medical doctor, that will help dissolve it and help to move the uric acid out. But that’s again going to be manipulating the symptom. So really what you want to do is increase your water, decrease your meat protein and then we want to also check and see what kind of infection their might be within the kidney. When I say infection I mean a layer of infection, like a parasite, a virus, fungus, whatever can get in to the kidney and cause it to not work correctly. So here in my office we do a scan where we check the patient’s on it’s called the Asyra. You can either see me here in my office or send a hair sample to us. We can scan the DNA of your hair and it will let us know what’s happening for your at this precise moment. Is there a virus or a parasite in the kidneys? What’s happening to them that we need to work with. From there we can give you a natural supplementation. This is a little scan tray that I use here at the office. But for example, I’ve got a put on my glasses because I need to do a video on glasses, on eyesight. For example, if you had a bacteria, chronic layer of bacteria, we would give you Bacto-EX or metals for Meta-EX, Microsite for micro parasite. But what we find oft times is it’s being hit by a virus so I would give you Viro-EX and Kidney-Klear. So Kidney-Klear is designed to repair the DNA function of that particular organ were after. For example, Kidney-Klear, that supports the DNA function so that the cells in the kidney starts to produce normal affective functioning kidneys, normal affective functioning cells that produce tissues. Tissues create organs. So we would combine those two, Viro-EX and the Kidney-Klear to help support and repair the kidney tissue. Also, chiropractically, we would adjust T11. T11, right here, runs to the kidneys. So there’s an energy flow that runs from your brain, down your spinal cord, through the T11 vertebrae and on out and connecting over to the kidney. So connecting the brain and your overall energy system to the organ that’s having the trouble, so that it can get the information as to how it should function, is vital. So just getting a good old chiropractic adjustment. I wish I could remember the name of the medicine that the doctors give. Sometimes that’s the only thing that you can do actually hit it, to get rid of the pain, but getting rid of cause, getting rid of layers of infection out of the kidney, supporting the kidney tissue with Kidney-Klear, and diminishing your amount of meat proteins. That should help you quite a bit. But there is nothing worse than that gout pain. It is so hot and so irritated to be able to walk on it is just significant. So if you have any questions, make sure you feel free to call the office number you see here on your screen. We can set you up for a scan. I charge 33 dollars for our hair scan and 49 dollars for a visit or phone consultation. So it’s definitely something we can help you with. Until next time, have a wonderful day.

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