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How to Treat Vertigo
Oct 22

How to Treat Vertigo

How To Treat Vertigo

Hi, my name is Dr. Troy Giles. I am a doctor of Chiropractic and a Natural Internist. I wanted to tell you a little bit today about vertigo, how to treat vertigo. Vertigo is very common. A lot of people have it, especially post infection. Many times people get chronic layers of infection in their inner ear, in the cochlear apparatus, which is like, it looks like a shell, kind of spins in that direction. Many times there is infection or inflammation, water, because of chronic lymphatic obstruction, where the lymph doesn’t drain down your neck and drain the lymph fluid out of your inner ear. It can cause a lot of pressure on that area and you start to have vertigo. So vertigo, in the cases that I would treat, would be from layers of infection, affecting the inner ear. We treat that by finding out what layers of infection you might have there from a virus to a parasite, chronic small parasites, to bacteria, many different layers of infection. When I am talking about a layer of infection, I mean not enough that you’re sick or your in the hospital, not enough that you are having to take antibiotics, but you maybe have been sick, taken a course of antibiotics and the antibiotic killed 95 percent of it, but it leaves a residual, a low grade 5 or 10 percent count of that bacteria or viruses there that’s chronic, or like I said, a micro parasite. Those can get into the inner ear, into the lymphatic drainage system, and just backs up until you feel pressure in your ear, pressure up into your head, just not necessarily like a headache pressure, but a fullness. So getting that to lymphatically open up an drain is vital. Also to fight the layers of infection is vital too. Now chiropractically we would get in and we would adjust vertebrae. So for example, let me just show you this really quick. A lot of what happens up here in the top C1 vertebrae, for example, this one here runs everything from the bottom, literally from your whole body, objectively. Everything comes up and through that top vertebrae. C2 would be more eyes and lacrimal glands, headaches, but adjusting this area up in this, higher in the neck, opens up and will allow pressure to release. The adjustment actually gets there to be an increase in nervous flow, vascular flow, causes the muscles to release and relax. It opens up the lymphatics and gets the lymph to start to drain. So many times just getting a regular old chiropractic adjustment will open up and cause the inner ear to drain or most of the cochlear apparatus, the little hairs that have you have the ability to know where you are, those can be reestablished. Now one of the things, I wish I had a patient here to show, but one of the things we are able to do is lay the patient flat on their back and using the Pro Adjuster, it’s a little vibratory tool, we can adjust, very softly. What we do is we have the patient lay down. Let’s say that the patient’s head is off the table. I would tap away just a little bit. See how that is just barely vibrating, we would tap away at the occipital, right here. So let’s say I was down, face up, on the table, you can vibrate the back of the head. As you turn the head in all different directions, flexion, extension, and rotation, and what this does is it vibrates and allows little crystals that should be in the inner ear, that oft times would trauma those little crystals to have fallen off of those fibers in the inner ear. So by vibrating, using this tool, we can vibrate it and literally reestablish those crystals back on to the fibers. This is another technique that is very affective. So adjusting the vertebrae at the very top of the atlas, where all of the information comes, it’s called proprioception, or your ability to know where you are in your surroundings. That oft times is affected. So just having the atlas in position, so reestablishing that chiropractically, the adjustment on the table with the vibration and getting the fibers or the crystals back on to the fibers and then treating layers of infection. So when I am working with layers of infection, I am using natural supplementation Bacto-EX is for bacteria, Microside is for micro parasites, Phung-EX is for fungus, Viro-EX for viruses. So these are natural anti virals, anti layers of infection. Accompanying those are different organs that we can support as well. So from anywhere in the world you can call and I can support you, by sending us a hair sample, you hair carries your DNA. We have a scanner in the other room that will scan radio frequencies of your hair sample of your DNA and let us know what the issues might be, what layers of infection you might be having. From there I might suggest that you get an adjustment, a chiropractic adjustment wherever you are in the world. That can help open that up as well. But, getting rid of those layers of infection is very, very important. There can be some vibration we can have you do at your home that will help you reestablish the appropriate crystallization of the fibers in the inner ear. So I hope that is beneficial. Vertigo is very, very difficult as far as to have. The symptom of vertigo is tremendous, but the treatment of the layers of infection, the adjustment of the atlas, and the reestablishment of the crystals really can make a difference. If you have questions, feel free to call me. We do complimentary consultations here at the office, where we can consult with you and explain what we can do. Then from there we might set up and I can coach you through some things that would help you be more effective and get rid of your vertigo. So I hope that helps you. Until next time, have a great day.

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