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How to Treat Ear Infections in Children and Adults
Dec 03

How to Treat Ear Infections in Children and Adults

How to Treat Ear Infections

Hi, my name is Dr. Troy Giles. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Natural Internist and today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about how to treat ear infections. A lot of children come in with ear infections. Even adults come in with ear infections. What I find that with ear infections is usually an issue with the lymphatic drainage in their neck. Lymph is what drains your body. It’s what, you’ve heard of lymph nodes that are swollen. The lymph is what can drain, drains your head, drains your ears, drains your inner ears, down your neck. When you have a misaligned vertebrae the muscles will spasm up a bit. Now you don’t even really recognize it. It can be just a minimal spasm. Within that muscle is a lymphatic tissue, a lymphatic things and arteries…flow. It runs down to the center of these muscles and as they become compressed, it literally will shut off the flow down this canal and back up pressure up into the inner ear. When that backs up into the inner ear then that creates a great place for bacteria, so usually we find viruses and the medical research shows that 90 percent of inner ear infections are viral. They become secondary bacterial as they go on, you know, chronic sinus and so forth. So misaligned vertebrae can create an ecology, a life form, a growth spot for viruses and bacteria to grow. So then you start to have puffing behind the ear. So the inner ear, literally, the drum is here and as we look in with our light. Normally, as we look into the inner ear, with our light, as we’re looking in, at the drum, we want to see a light shining back at us. But if the inner ear is pushed because there was pressure behind here, it pushes this forward and makes it so that the reflective light that we’ve been looking at is now reflective off, so we don’t see that shiny light reflecting back at us. So literally, you’re getting pressure in the inner ear that pushes out on the drum. So much so that finally if a pressure builds enough, this will fracture here, it will split apart, opening up. Let’s say that this is the drum. It will literally open up like this and allow a rupture of the drum to take place. Those ruptures can heal, but we’ve got to find out what’s causing it to keep doing it, because chronically rupturing an eardrum will create scar tissue. I disagree with tubes. Tubes, it’s difficult, because sometimes patients are so chronically irritated and they have that inner ear infection going and one after another after another and after the 15th antibiotic tubes are placed.  But, if we can go in and find out what’s creating it, what causes the tightness. Misaligned vertebrae is one of the biggest things for children, because they are falling down all the time. The neck misaligns that causes spasming. It causes the lymphatic to pressurize up into their inner ear. It creates an area where things can get in there. Oft times with children they are sucking on their bottle when they are going to sleep. They are drinking milk. Milk is a great life or great food for these bacterias to grow in. That goes up to the Eustachian tube, up into the inner ear. Usually the Eustachian tube is what drains the inner ear, but if that pinches off, now pressure can come up and really back up in to the ear, from the neck up, up and ultimately just builds and builds, shutting off the Eustachian tube that runs to the inner ear. If this is being squished, because of the lymphatic flow, or this is all swollen, now you’ve got a great area that all that bacteria can grow in and away you go. But still, like I said, 90 percent of it is viral. So why do antibiotics help? Well because the secondary bacteria is there and it will knock that off, but if we don’t get rid of the cause, we are only treating symptoms when we give antibiotics. That’s all we’re doing is treating symptoms. If we poke a hole in the ear and stick a tube in the center of it, it’s a relief valve and mucus and yuck muck and infection can drain out, but literally, you can’t tell me that that’s not going to cause the loss of flow, a loss of hearing with a tube in. The medical doctors say “no there’s not”, but ultimately this thing falls out and it will scar over, but it does. There’s no way that it cannot diminish some of your hearing. So on extreme, extreme cases I think tubes are appropriate, but if you look and take the kid off of food, or off of food, off of milk, most children are allergic to milk and that creates inflammation in the inner ear too. Get them off of milk and start treating them with natural things and not antibiotics that make their guts have trouble and not wipe out all the good bacteria out of their gut so that fungus overgrows. It’s vital to not use antibiotics every time their sick. Every time they get a runny nose, there’s things to give them that are natural, that will make it so that they don’t have to have all of these symptoms all of the time. If your kid has tubes, it’s okay. Don’t think your a bad parent, you’re doing the best that you know how to do. But there are other ways to do it. There’s other ways to handle it. So let me just show you here for a second. This is the spinal cord and each one of these points, each one of these vertebrae run to an organ. So C1 right here, that runs out, basically throughout the whole system. C2 runs over here to the eyes, lachrymal glands, up into the head. C3 runs over to the sinuses. So if you have a misalignment in C1, 2, or 3, these first three vertebrae, that’s a problem because it’s shutting down the flow to the sinus, to make it so that it’s strong. So chiropractic adjusting, for my child, for my six month old, for my baby that was just born, absolutely. We can do it very softly, so that we’re moving the vertebrae to a more appropriate position especially after delivery. That little baby’s head has been pushed against the cervix, trying to spread that apart, immense amount of pressure in the neck. So getting your kid adjusted after delivery is vital. And their learning to walk. How many times are they falling down and hit their head and smack their neck? This is a conduit of your brain to your organs, is the spine and the alignment of the spine is vital so that it works correctly. So I hope that helps a bit. But for the natural things, for example, we can give you Bacto-EX. So this is a scanning tray that I use. Bacto-EX can come in a liquid as well. These are actually capsules. They come in bottles of 60. This one is a liquid and this is for bacteria, works very nice. Virus, here’s one down here for virus, Viro-EX. So this, again, a liquid that children can take and it helps to support the body’s own immune system towards viruses. So there’s things to give you. Thymassure works with the thymus gland that builds your immune system. Vitamin C, Vitamin D, all of these are vital to help you to be able to get over the inner ear infections. It’s really a hard thing for a parent because these kids cry and cry and cry, but I promise you, you get in and get an adjustment in the neck, that will help so much right there. And then think about giving them herbals instead of the antibiotics. Let’s save the antibiotics for when we really, really, really need them, not just when there’s just a little sinus infection. Every time there’s a little bit of a sinus head cold, I’ve got a give my kid an antibiotic. You’re ruining their gut when you do that. So medical doctors will tell you the same. I hope that has been beneficial. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on the number your seeing on your screen. We can do a hair scan for you, even from all around the world. You send us a hair sample and the DNA in the hair is like a recorder and it will record the issues that your child has. We can find out what to give them as well. So fee free to call here to the office. Ask us any question you might have. Until I see you next time, have a great day.

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