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Information on the Flu Vaccine
Dec 03

Information on the Flu Vaccine

Information on the Flu Vaccine

Hello, my name is Dr. Troy Giles. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Natural Internist. Today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about the flu shot. There is so much controversy over injections, immunizations, and the flu shot, basically injections in general. The difficult thing that I feel as I think about flu shots is that every year our CDC and our government and so forth look to see if they can find out what flu is around, what flu has hit the orient first, what’s in Asia and what’s in Europe, and then ultimately it’s what we get. The problem with that, what I feel, is that there are so many causes for sickness, so many causes for the flu. How many viruses do we know that make us sick? It’s not about the flu. It is about keeping your immune system healthy. The reason why I don’t like the flu shot is your injecting, when we really don’t know what’s in there, we don’t what kind of preservatives there are in there. It’ll tell us, but what the reactions are for those. Generally speaking I find that people get sicker from the flu, from the immunization than they do from the flu itself. And, most of the people in the flu, or in the hospital with the flu had the immunization. So, in my opinion, it causes our immune systems to drop, so more so as we are coming into the flu season again, here we are in the beginning of August, but pretty soon we will be thinking about flu shots again, is to build your own immune system, Vitamin C, a good kind of bacteria, using the acidophilus to reestablish good bacteria in your gut, Vitamin D, high doses of Vitamin C, usually take it until you start to have some diarrhea and then back off about 500 mg. That would be bowel integrity to bowel threshold. That’s very effective. There are many things that we carry here at the office, Viro-EX, Bacto-EX, and all the different organ systems that we carry. You can also order those online at the number here that you see on your screen. You can get on and order those through Paypal. So those are also very effective for getting rid of viruses. We have Viro-EX, the Bacto-EX for the bacteria. Usually when there is a virus I will hit them with both the Bacto and the Viro. So think of that if your ordering. If your questioning what you have, you can always send us a hair sample. With our hair scanner we can scan and see exactly what the issues are that you might have. Is it a virus? Is it a bacteria? What organ systems are weakened? That’s all done through a hair scanner, hair sample that you can send us from anywhere in the world. Also, building the immune system, as far as working on the thymus gland, right here. That’s in charge of your immune system. So we take Thymassure. So there are things to build that will help you. I just, you know how do we determine what virus it is? Let’s say we’re even able to determine what that is. There are so many other ways to get the flu, flu-like symptoms. Is it always going to be what is in that particular flu shot? It doesn’t make sense to me. So that is just a one, two about viruses and flu shots. If you have any questions, you feel like we might be able to help you, just feel free to call the office at any time. Pretty much you can get a hold of me any time. Either leave a message here at the office, talk to one of my staff members or it will ring through to my cell phone as well. So I hope that has been beneficial for you. If you have any questions, make sure you feel free to call. Have a great day.

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