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How to Treat Chronic Cough Naturally
Dec 10

How to Treat Chronic Cough Naturally

How to Treat Chronic Cough Naturally

Hi, my name is Dr. Troy Giles. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and today I wanted to talk to you because we’re heading into the fall time about coughs. So many people get coughs during the fall. It starts to be more humid. Now people are inside. The air’s blowing. The heater’s are blowing. Of course we’re in more confined areas without as much air flow. So people end up getting sick. They’re immune systems drop down and then they get sick. You see that? It’s not because you got a virus from somewhere. I get viruses every day. I’m with 25-30 patients. Of those, in the winter, maybe ten of them are sick right there in my face. So if it was because I ran into a virus that made me sick, then I would be always sick. All the doctors that you ever saw would be sick and everybody would always be sick. It’s not a matter that you ran into a virus that you got sick, it’s that your immune system dropped, meaning that you have stress or you’ve been eating too much cookies or candies or sugar and your immune system drops down. So I wanted to talk to you a little bit about coughs today. Coughing, you know, when you get the congestion in your lungs, usually it is from a virus, but it’s the immune system that’s dropped down. I just worked with a patient earlier today where I ordered for her a thing called a sputum cytology. This is more when you get a significant cough and it’s maybe hanging around, those chronic coughs. I ordered a cytology, which means we looked to see what kind of cells there were in her cough, in what she had spit up. So she takes a sample to the lab and they culture it, of which we found bacteria. So we were able to treat her with a natural antibiotic and at the same time her medical doctor as well is going to be giving her an antibiotic. So that will help to knock that off. If you have a chronic cough, talk to your doctor and ask for a sputum cytology, sputum cytology. That just means that they’re taking what your coughing and they’re going to swab it or culture it and determine what there is and which is the best antibiotic for it. Many times we just throw erythromycin or we throw, you know, she was on doxycycline I believe it was. The doctor didn’t know. He just handed that to her. But she’s had this cough for three or four years. So I said “Let’s get this cytology done.” And now we know exactly what is the best antibiotic for that. But with coughs it can be anywhere from a virus, bacterias, it can even be fungus. It can even be that you are regurgitating up at nighttime and you might be even aspirating some of your stomach fluids so that it causes there to be irritation in the trachea and your lungs. So getting in there and drawing out the cough, I suggest many times the patient will go and get what’s called an expectorant and cough suppressant. So you want to be able to expectorate, which means get it to become fluid, so you can cough it up and out, but at the same time suppress the cough. So that you’re not coughing all the time, creating an irritation. But enough that it slows the cough down and then you’re able to get it up and out. So that’s good. That again, that’s a cough expectorant and suppressant. So like Robitussin or in our area we have a Tussin brand that’s a good one. But you want to try to dry out the cough and get it to move up and out. You want to build the immune system as much as you can, your vitamin C. You can also look, we have one we call Viro-EX, which is for virus, Bacto-EX for bacteria. Realizing as well, over here again, as I’m a chiropractor, we look and see what vertebrae are misaligned. Here again C6 runs out to heart and lung. C7 runs heart and lung, T1 heart and lung. So the C6, 7, T1, if those areas are misaligned, they’re not going to allow the energy to pass around the way they should. So make sure you get an adjustment as well. So keep your windows open a little bit during the winter to freshen your house and get some new air in there occasionally as well. So I hope that helps you and I hope you have a wonderful fall season coming up.

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