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How to Treat Fall Allergies
Sep 09

How to Treat Fall Allergies

Most people are concerned about spring allergens, because that is when a lot of pollen is in the air and you get a lot of sinus issues, but right now we’re heading in to the fall season, and many people are allergic to what is dying in the fall. In the fall a lot of plants die and decay, fungus and mold grow and begin affecting the respiratory system. Many allergens are breathed in, mold spores are transmitted in the air and in the fall some plants actually pollenate which will increase the chances of you getting those allergens in your sinuses. There are homeopathic remedies that you can be given that do very well for airborne allergens. I also recommend my patients that have sinus issues invest in a netty pot so they can wash their nose and sinuses out. Once we start in to winter time, the spores and things that are inside your home, the dust and dust mites, get trapped and need to be moved out. I suggest you open your windows as much as possible and change the filters on your furnace so that you can filter out or let out as much of the inside allergens as possible. Try to get at least five minutes a day to exchange some air. Think about what you are eating as well and trim the amount of sugars you eat, because sugar causes overall inflammation which can increase your allergic reactions. Watch out for cakes, cookies, candy, bread and pasta as they all cause systemic inflammation in your body and overall cause you to have allergies. We can also test for your specific allergies by testing your phenolic levels. There are about 70 different phenolic compounds that are found in the air we breathe and the food we eat. For example, there is a specific phenol in mold spores and in plant decay, and when you breathe the spores that phenol can enter you and can cause you to become allergic. Milk has 50 of these phenols. We do homeopathic phenolic therapy which helps the body to reduce the reaction to these compounds. If you have any questions call us at 801.298.4646 or shoot us an email.

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