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Alternative Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis
Nov 05

Alternative Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

Most issues with MS deal with a chronically irritated fatigued person that ultimately drops the immune system and now allows the attack of virus in to the nerve tissues themselves, especially the myelin sheath. Myelin is like the cord that connects to my table. If I want my chiropractic table to rise, I have to push on this side of the button. In order to get the information about the change to the motor in the table, I first have to think about what I want to do, then push this side of the button, energy goes through the electrical cord, and to the motor to activate the mechanism that raises the table. If the covering of the electrical wires comes off, it doesn’t work. This is how myelin works. It’s like that rubber covering over your nerves that keeps the signals from crossing. With MS there’s a short. The myelin has actually been destroyed, usually by virus, at least that is what I have found to be the case many times in my practice. When we treat the virus or get rid of the viruses, or whatever other layers of infection there might be, around the myelin, around that nerve, and give it nutrients in the form of Nerv-All which is a supplement we use to help to repair the myelin sheath and increase function of nerve tissue, there electrical impulses that run up and down the nerves increase and are repaired. If you have MS, the myelin has been removed, the “plastic coating” on each of those nerves has started to degenerate and you’re starting to spark between the nerves. So that’s why you have trouble walking or thinking or whatever your MS symptoms are. MS also comes and goes, it waxes and wanes, so you may not experience symptoms all the time. It’s also very affected by the amount of stress there is in your life. There is an emotional component to MS, so that when you are stressed and uptight, your immune system drops and allows further assault by viruses. It’s a multifaceted health issue, but if we can get rid of the viruses and layers of infection, support the nerve tissue so it rebuilds, work with your emotions and help to let go of the emotional response, and eat correctly, there is a good good chance that you can either arrest the spread of MS or even get better. I’ve seen it all happen in my practice over the last 20 years. We usually do a scan on the patient which tells us what kind of infections and viruses we are dealing with, accompanied with a thorough examination, and emotional support to help release negative emotions. We also work with patients across the world. They simply send us a hair sample that we test through our Asyra scanner and help with appropriate supplementation through phone consultations and the mail. If you have any questions please give us a call at 801.298.4646

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