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How to Treat the Common Cold
Mar 31

How to Treat the Common Cold

How to Treat the Common Cold

Hi, my name is Dr. Troy Giles. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Natural Internist. Today I wanted to talk to you about how to treat the common cold. So many of us get sick, in fact I have a little cold right now I’ve been working on for the last couple of days, and again I’ll tell you that it is about getting sick before you get sick that makes you sick. I was pushing and pushing over the last three to four weeks, just not getting myself enough sleep, traveling, seminars, all kinds of things. And so your immune system will drop down. Your adrenal glands get fatigued. The overall energy of your body drops and you become susceptible to get sick. Again, if it were because I ran into people that were sick, or ran into somebody. I saw a patient that was really sick the other day and so now I’m sick. It doesn’t make sense, because I’m with sick people all day long. Everyday, people are coming in, I’m adjusting them. Sometimes when I’m adjusting them, the patient will be laying here flat, face up, and then I’ll come in here, this close to them, to adjust their thoracic spine and their face is right here. We’re constantly being bombarded by viruses and bacterias. So if it were because I was getting, if I was running into a sickness, or run into a virus that I just inhaled and now I’m sick, it does not make sense. I would always be sick. Think about that for a minute. So the germ theory is flawed is what I’m trying to tell you. Don’t go in that house cause those kids, those people are sick, well yes, if your immune, if you’re down and your immune system is dropped, then you’re not taking appropriate supplements and you don’t have antioxidants on board. You’re not eating correctly. You’re eating and drinking a bunch of garbage, you know Coke and Diet Coke and everything, yah, you’re going to get sick. But if you can keep yourself up, then you’re not going to get sick. It’s the environment within me that’s dropped so that I was able to get a virus and then sick. However, I didn’t go down with a huge, heavy chest virus and die. One of my patient’s came in just today and said she’s going to a funeral of a lady who got a chest cold, went into pneumonia and she dies of pneumonia. Really? She’s 65 and died of pneumonia. Well, there’s other reasons, I’m sure that her lungs were weak enough that she was able to get that. With the antibiotics that we have now days, it’s kind of, I don’t know, you shouldn’t have to die. Treatment of the common cold, it’s usually a virus, 99 percent of the time it’s viral. Hardly ever do you get a bacteria as a primary issue that you went down. It’s mostly virus. Virus is what causes the immune system to drop. We already dropped because of how you’re eating and you’re not paying attention to the six essentials of life, eat, drink, exercise, rest, breathe, and think, six essentials. If you’re messed up in any of those, you can get sick. Just try to keep yourself up. So, usually it’s from a virus and makes the sinuses irritated, because that’s where it usually lands, is in the upper respiratory tract and they become irritated and then you start to have this sinus irritation and watery eyes and all those things. Then, if you don’t get on top of it, you can get a secondary bacterial infection. But, just because I have a little bit of mucus in my nose and oh goodness I just blew my nose and had a little bit of green in it? Oh it’s green, it must be a, I better run and get an antibiotic. Antibiotics will help, if it’s a bacterial infection, but that’s not the cause. So, unless you’re really, really deathly sick, our friend who died, she probably was already on antibiotics. But, if you, as soon as you start to get it, start to get sick, if you’ll jump on some things it will really help you. One of the things we need to do, and I pulled this up over here, the adjustment of C3 right here, C3 runs to the sinuses, to the upper, up into the headaches. Just adjusting the vertebrae makes it so that that energy passes up into that area more effectively. But getting yourself adjusted, turning on your immune system, that runs within your nervous system. Your nervous system runs in the spinal cord and directly connected to that is the immune system. If your spine is in alignment and you’re getting good energy flow out to every organ, the way that it should function, your body’s immune system is also looking for the different bacterias and viruses and it will create an appropriate immune response for those things. Now let’s say you do get sick, like I did. Then there’s other things to take. So let’s look here. There’s some great, great natural antiviral. This is called Viro-EX and Bacto-EX is for bacteria. It doesn’t affect the colon or the digestive tract like antibiotics, antibiotics do. But yet it’s a natural antibiotic. So here’s an antiviral that you take orally. You take it and you digest it. And the same thing with Bacto-EX for the bacteria. Also very effective is C-Comp. This is a great vitamin C. It’s put in with other constituents, other things to it that make it so you absorb it more effectively. Vitamin C is awesome with fighting infection. B-Comp for your B complex., overall B’s are very important in fighting infection and Vitamin D. Just get that at the regular health food store. The other thing that is very effective is called Nasopure. You may have heard of a Netty Pot before. Netty Pots are an actual little pot that you put into one side of your nostril and the water then runs in and through the sinus, not through, through the nasal cavity, and out the other nostril. But the only problem with Netty Pots is you have to get your head funny. You going to have to pour it into one side of your nose, keep it so that your head’s lower than your lungs and all this stuff. Nasopure is a great company. What they do is you hold your breath while you apply this. So in the shower you are able to hold your breath and as you hold your breath the nasopharynx lifts up in the back so that water runs in, to the back of the sinus cavity, and back out the other nostril. So that’s helping to flush the stuff that’s coming out of your nose. I had a patient that was very sick and she came in just so plugged up and I said “we need to do a Nasopure right now.” So I helped her, you know, show her kind of what to do in the other room, in the bathroom, but as she inserted that, it started to squeeze and it just cleaned out massive amounts of “yuckem guckem” out of her nose, but it was good. We want to get that out of there, because if we cleanse it and flush it with saline solution and bicarbonate, that will help to clear it and get rid of that extra junk and get it so that it’s not having a great position for other bacteria to live in. Mucus is a great thing for bacteria to live in. The idea is to flush, flush. This also comes in for children above 4 years old. Anybody basically  that can hold their breath and squeeze it into their nose it will flush. So it’s tremendous and with a little bit of saline and baking soda, it’s really nice. So I hope that’s been beneficial for you. If you have any questions you can call the office here.

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