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How to Treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
May 12

How to Treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

How to Treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Hi, my name is Dr. Troy Giles. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Natural Internist and today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about chronic fatigue syndrome. It’s a very old concept. It’s been around forever, but chronic fatigue is a big deal. People think it’s a garbage can term, but it’s something that so many people deal with. So chronic fatigue, I feel still starts in the gut. About everything you want to tell me about, as far as symptoms go, deals with gut issue, and think it’s called leaky gut syndrome. So really quickly, let’s repass leaky gut syndrome. Here’s leaky gut, where you’ve got toxins that are passing through a hyper permeable cell membrane, or a membrane of the digestive tract. This is semi-permeable. This is hyper-permeable. So hyper-permeable allows these toxins to pass through. Once they pass through here, you’ve got over here where you’ve got a lot of leaking things come through the colon. Instead of conjugating and normal function, your taking toxins that are leaking through the gut normally and turning them from a fat-soluble toxin to an intermediate, intermediate to water, and now the kidney is water-soluble. That’s how it should function. Up here you are getting a lot of toxins through. They are not able to conjugate. They stay as fats, go to the fat stores and back to the brain. Any other fat in the body, you just, it just keeps doing this process, getting sicker and sicker. The issue of leaky gut syndrome, and I was talking to my videographer a minute ago when I said “So I’m going to talk about leaky gut syndrome. What do you think?” I’m going to link it back to it and he said “Could it be leaky gut?” Absolutely. Because leaky gut, when it opens up, allows for trans-location, transmutation or trans-location of infection. Many times with chronic fatigue there is going to be a layer of infection, like a virus, bacteria, parasites, Lyme bacteria. You don’t have an actual Lyme disease. There’s not a bull’s eye on you, as far as a bull’s eye rash, or achy joints, but you have enough bacteria, Borrelia bacteria in your body that you’ve got weakness. It drops your immune system. It drops your constitutional energy. So if you have low constitution then you have the ability to get a lot of infection on you. So that could be Epstein-barr virus, bacteria, Borrelia, viruses, parasites. These things can mutate back and forth and get in to other systems of the body. Specifically, let’s go from here now, from leaky gut, over to the lymphatic system. When the lymph becomes toxic, see these undigested proteins, they came through the leaky gut, can bind up electrically positive and negative ¬†charge with water. That conglomeration there now gets stuck in the lymphatics so now your body backs up. So most people with chronic fatigue syndrome end up carrying a lot more fluid, a lot of extra lymphatic fluid. It’s because the body is trying to dilute those toxins to try to get them out of the system. So you will end up having more fluid, and you’re swelling. So you want to think about getting rid of layers of infection. With that, we would use Bacto-EX, for example, for bacteria. I don’t if you can see that well, but this is for bacteria. This is for metals, Meta-EX. Micro-Side is for micro-parasite. Para-Mac is for large parasite. Fung-EX is for fungus and Viro-EX for viruses. We then use Tox-EX to help pull the toxins out of the system, once we are getting rid of those infections. So getting rid of the infections is vital. Healing the leaky gut so that instead of hyper-permeable we are now semi-permeable. So only small particles get through the gut. The nutrients that we can use, so we have to heal that. Then we need to work with the liver, making sure that the liver is able to filter and cleanse, that the organs of elimination, the kidneys, can eliminate and get rid of the toxins as well. And then build, slowly, the organs of energy, for example, the adrenal glands, the thyroid, the hypothalamus, to repair and get you back up through. Emotion is also a big part. So here in the practice I kind of work on three different concepts. Structure, chiropractically we make sure that the vertebrae are opened, so that they are passing to the organs the way that they should. That’s structure. Emotions deals with all the stuff in your past and present that makes your system run abnormally. It makes the autonomic system, which means happens automatically, run in an uptight fight or flight mode and in a filtration digestion mode at the same time, instead of being able to swing back and forth from that. Because you’ll be able to go from running from a bear to eating my picnic, to ultimately coming down to the center. So we have to balance the emotion. Then physiology is working with layers of infection, organ system repairing. All the supplementation that we use, we can get to you. It is designed to repair DNA function, awesome concept. But repairing and balancing and helping the DNA to repair itself, so that it can start to create more effective cells. Cells make more effective tissue. Tissue makes organs. There you go. Now you’re talking health. So I hope that has been beneficial for you. There is an answer to your chronic fatigue syndrome. It is not one pill. It is not one concept. It is multifaceted, especially with chronic fatigue syndrome. If you have questions, feel free to contact us here at the number you see on the video. We can scan you using our scanner here, through a hair sample, to determine what issues you might be dealing with. I deal with patients all around the world through YouTube videos. So I hope this has been beneficial for you. If you have any questions, feel free to call us. Have a great, great, day.

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