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How to Treat Insomnia and Sleep Problems Naturally
May 20

How to Treat Insomnia and Sleep Problems Naturally

How to Treat Insomnia and Sleep Problems Naturally

Hi, my name is Dr. Troy Giles. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Natural Internist. Today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about insomnia. I don’t know what the statistics are, but it’s like 50 percent of people in the United States suffer from insomnia. It’s a massive amount of numbers. I should look that up, but just know that I’m talking to all you all about not being able to sleep well. There are so many different concepts of not being able to sleep, from abnormal hormones to not enough minerals in your body, so you have a lack of mineral relaxation. Minerals such as calcium and magnesium are very effective at getting the muscles to relax. Restless leg syndrome, where your toxic, and you basically have toxins that settle out in your feet or towards the end, away from your heart as farthest as they can, you settle out toxins in the tissue and those toxins then cause the muscles to jump and be irritated. Once you finally settle down and lay down on your back, those toxins, your body recognizes them there and it will cause the muscles to twitch more so than when you’re walking during the day. When you finally release and let go then there’s restless leg syndrome. Also, your inability to rest, to let your mind let go of your body. When we sleep, there’s a switch, literally that switches off. When we go into deep sleep, that our eyes will have rapid eye movements, called REM sleep. That’s the time during the night when you literally let go and your body’s able to completely rest, while your brain continues to do its work. When we sleep we literally de-fragment our computer. I don’t know if you’ve ever done de-fragmentation in your computer, but you can press a button and it will combine things so that it literally puts that activities of the day, or that are in the computer, into a different place so that it makes the accessing more affective. We do the same thing in our minds, while we are sleeping. We try to make sense of our day. So sometimes if we are really stressed, we can’t let that go and so our mind doesn’t allow us to get to that deeper sleep, that deeper level, into REM sleep. I believe it’s a Delta, or Theta wave, I can’t remember, that we have to get into. Another reason why we don’t sleep well is we’re adrenally fatigued. Sometimes our adrenal glands are so tired that we’re not producing enough adrenaline. It’s kind of funny that you have to have enough adrenaline to get in to your deeper levels of sleep. So we will actually give people Adrenix to support them, their adrenal glands when they are so fatigued, we’ll give them Adrenix. That actually gives them enough support to get them into a deeper sleep. The other thing we do is make sure that their circadian rhythm is appropriate. In other words, in the morning your circadian rhythm should be high, energy levels should be higher, and then in the evening it should drop quite low, to where you’re very, very relaxed and ready for sleep. A lot of people, because of the stress they feel all day long, are doing more of a flat lined, instead of a high up and down of their circadian rhythm. So we will try to give them support, the organs of energy in the day, and support the relaxation in the evening. So we will, for example, give them an Adrenix, maybe some Thyroiden for the thyroid function. Give them some stability for their sugar, that balances their liver and their pancreas with Livergy and Pancrose. So we have more energy in beginning of the day, and then in the evening we can check and see if possibly we need to give them some Seda-Quil. Seda-Quil helps them to date their system and to cause tranquility. It doesn’t, it’s not like a downer, but it’s just herbs that are designed to cause a more of a calmness. So let’s say you go to bed at 10 and then you have trouble falling asleep, you might take a Seda-Quill at 9 o’clock and another one at 10 o’clock and that would get you into a deeper sleep. The other thing that we would do is work with emotion, to help you to let go of emotions in your system. Sometimes you are so uptight from things in the past that when you go into sleep, your subconscious starts to come alive and wake up and you constantly bring up old patterns, things that you haven’t let go of, or forgiven. So that’s some things that we can send you a list of how to do that at your home or we can coach you over the phone as well.

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