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How to Treat Mold and Mold Related Illness
May 20

How to Treat Mold and Mold Related Illness

How to Treat Mold and Mold Related Illness

Hi, my name is Dr. Troy Giles. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Natural Internist. Today I wanted to talk a little bit about how to treat mold and mold related issues, mold in your home, mold in, mold sensitivities that you might pick up because of being exposed to mold, fungus in your gut is considered a mold, related to micro toxins in your body. But mold is very important to watch out for. Here in Utah, we are the second driest state in the nation, so we don’t have as much mold, but still people have, not good ventilation in their homes, so you will start to see black mold. If you have black mold, I suggest if you see it, putting on a dust mask, at least. You might want to get some rubber gloves from Costco or from one of the stores and use a good solution of chlorine, a bleach, and you just wipe that black mold with the chlorine and that will take care of it. But watch it because it can come back. But just try to get everything that you can possibly see. If, by chance, you have mold under your cabinets, or counter tops, or in your carpet, things like that, and you can smell a moldy house. You can smell the mold and it just smells kind of musty. There is going to be mold there. Mold spores can get into the air, just by, if you had a flooded carpet and you didn’t dry it out well, mold can grow underneath the carpet and as you walk on the carpet, mold spores come up into the air just like dust particles, get into your sinuses, in your lungs, and cause all sorts of issues there. Mold loves areas that are dark and moist, so they can grow in the lungs. They can grow in the tracheal tube, in the sinuses, anywhere in the system. So be really, really careful. Now back east in the more humid states, mold is an issue all over the place. You might have seen a previous YouTube video. You can always look up Troy Giles on YouTube and I have about 90 or 100 different videos. One of them is with my friend who has a significant case of Turrets and he just called me this last week telling me that his house, he’s had to move out of his apartment because he had so much mold, that literally would just, they couldn’t get away from it. He’s down in TN, where it’s quite humid. So he just had to get out of there. He noticed that when he’s in his house, that’s when his Turrets really, really flares up a lot. He didn’t really make a correlation to it until after started to, you know, put two and two together. So, if you think that it’s in your carpet or heavily in your system, or in your house, you need to have a professional company come in, Surepro, or somebody that knows how to get rid of mold. But, it’s somewhat difficult to get to if it’s deep into and behind your walls and that kind of thing. So just know that this is one of the reasons for fatigue and focus issues. In your system fungus and mold are about the same thing, but you can get fungus in your gut. We’ve talked about treating fungus on other videos, but fungus can get in your system, through taking antibiotic therapy. The antibiotic therapy will kill all the good bacteria. This good bacteria normally feeds the yeast in your gut vitamin B. Now the yeast are normal and vitamin B is produced by the good bacteria. As long as the yeast is being fed, for the good bacteria, it will stay as a yeast. But as soon as you take an antibiotic, all of the good bacteria is wiped clear and without this good bacteria here, this yeast will mutate into a fungus and you can notice here how these are pseudopods that are penetrating down into the colon and that now is drawing nutrients. This produces Mycotoxin, which is very, very toxic to the system, neurotoxic. It can create all kinds of issues with focus and you watch that video. It’s on treatment of Turrets, under Troy Giles. Look this fellow up. He’s a phenomenal case of Turrets and he’ll tell you that when he eats sugar how much more he has trouble with focus and that’s directly related to the fungus in his gut, which fungus is a type of mold. So we are talking about mold in your home, mold in your vents. The thing I would do, if you had it in your home, is I would get a vent cleaning done by a professional company, that can scour and spray into your venting system to make sure there’s nothing there. Watch also on your swamp coolers. Back East they don’t have swamp coolers because it’s too humid, but here in the West you can get mold in the swamp coolers as well. Use your nose. Think about that and smell. If you do an issue in your gut or in your system of fungus, then one of the things I use is called Fung-EX. It’s a company, its called Inoveta and Fung-EX is one of the supplements that I use. That’s this one here. So it’s a capsule and this helps to get rid of yeast in the gut. We would also help you to support and get rid of, support the organs systems where the fungus is. It might be your colon, so we give you Col-Trax, or your lungs. So we might give you Permilung. These will support those organ systems while we get rid of the fungus. As well, with fungus and treatment of fungus, many times it wraps around heavy metals. Heavy metals can get into our system just by, were in a heavy metal environment. It’s in our exhaust, from when we are driving down the freeway. It’s in our water, our food. So many times fungus will wrap around heavy metals and cause problems there as well. So I hope that’s been beneficial for you. If you have a major case in your house, get someone out there to help you figure out how to take care of it. And if need be, change homes. It’s pretty difficult to sell a house if you have mold, because you need, you have to disclose what’s there. If it’s an apartment, you know, tell the landlord I’m getting out because of the mold. It’s that big of an issue. If you have any questions please feel free to contact my office. My staff and I are more than happy to help you and we can figure out what’s going on.

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