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How to Keep Your Bones Healthy
Jul 16

How to Keep Your Bones Healthy

The bones are the framework of the body and are essential in performing movement as levers and providing fresh red blood to the body and storing important minerals and cell salts. Additionally, nerve roots which exit the spine between the vertebrae communicate to every muscle, organ and system of the body.

So, how do we keep our bones healthy?

  • Reduce or eliminate carbonated beverages which leach minerals from the bones and interfere with calcium absorption.
  • Reduce or eliminate cigarette smoking and alcohol use.
  • Get 10-15 minutes of sun exposure to your skin each day (before sunscreen is applied) or supplement vitamin D at 400-800 IU per day.
  • Make sure your diet includes plenty of vitamins and minerals or supplement them if appropriate.
  • Perform weight-bearing exercises, such as walking, lifting weights, playing tennis or dancing several times per week
  • Get regular chiropractic adjustments to keep your spine aligned and prevent wearing of the vertebrae and arthritis from forming.

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