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Keys to Happiness
Jul 16

Keys to Happiness

What does happiness have to do with your health condition? Our state of mind affects all aspects of our being. Many natural health practitioners believe that disease is started in our minds as a state of dis-ease. This dis-ease, if not resolved creates a gradual weakening of our body systems and eventually a disease process begins.

In reverse, a state of happiness, contentment, and love can lead to greater health. An example of this would be observing premature babies in an ICU unit. The babies that have lots of contact with their parents and other loved ones begin to thrive sooner and can leave the ICU unit sooner. Babies that receive less visits and contact don’t do as well and sadly, many don’t make it.

We all have been affected by someone’s warm smile or “hello”. We all know someone who, despite poor circumstances is always happy and we admire them for that. In office settings employers encourage their staff to smile before they answer the phone. The smile comes through in their voice on the phone and creates a feeling of warmth.

One final thought, a sure-fire way to feel better or improve your mood is to do something for someone else. Imagine if everyone in the world did one kind thing each day….. amazing things could happen!

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