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Weekend Warrior Protection Strategies
Jul 16

Weekend Warrior Protection Strategies

It starts out as a “friendly” game, then before you know it, it’s a full-out tooth and nail competition. Monday rolls around and you’re paying for the weekend of fun. Sadly, many injuries can turn into long-term problems. Here’s how to protect and repair yourself if an injury does occur.


  • Arrive early to prepare for the event
  • Warm up with 5 minutes of cardio exercise followed by stretching the key muscles
  • Hydrate your body prior to your game
  • Gear up with the correct equipment for the specific event
  • Listen to your body’s clues that you’ve had enough


  • Replenish electrolytes, minerals and protein within 2 hours of the game to recharge your cells
  • Stretch post event to keep muscles loose
  • Keep moving as your body cools down to prevent muscle spasm


  • Have a chiropractic adjustment to align anything that may have jarred during your activity
  • Protect any areas that feel stressed or over-stretched
  • Rest to give your body time to repair and rejuvenate
  • Apply compression to strains or sprains
  • Ice or a cold compress will ease muscle pain
  • Elevate swollen areas to allow blood to leave the site of injury

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