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How to Beat Inflammation with Your Diet
Dec 15

How to Beat Inflammation with Your Diet

Full Transcription

Good afternoon, my name is Dr. Giles. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Natural Internist. Today I wanted to talk to you about how to beat inflammation with your diet. I’ve been practicing now for 20 years and I’ve talked a lot about leaky gut syndrome and all the different things you’ve seen if you’ve been watching me, a lot of different videos on YouTube. But I was re-energized today by a Doctor Hymen, who is a medical doctor, who I saw on KUED, on our public broadcast, and just listening to him talk, we’ve been practicing about the same amount of time, but listening to him talk, he’s got some great books he’s written about getting hold of the inflammation in your gut, basically the inflammation in your system through whats on the end of your fork, he calls it. I really liked that. I’ve told everybody before, it’s what you eat, it’s whats on the end of your fork that creates inflammation. Inflammation basically is on anything that is going to make you either allergic or sugars, simple carbohydrates, cakes, cookies, candies, pasta, bread. Those things are an issue. So I said okay, I’m going to take him to task here. Of course I knew it and I’ve done it before, but I said I want to make a change in my life. So a week and a half ago, Sunday, I said okay, no more wheat, because I know when I eat wheat, when I eat white, white bread, or any of the sugars that it makes me so that I get foggy brained. I already have some A.D.D., but the A.D.D. turns into A.D.H.D. when I go, that’s attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome. What that is is basically too much sugar to my brain makes it so that I can’t focus. I can’t focus in on one concept or idea. It’s literally because of the amount of sugar. That’s what I’m finding. So I took sugar out of my diet and I took wheat or, not that wheat is bad. That’s not what I’m telling you. It’s that what we’ve done to our wheat by making it simple, by refining it so much, that’s what makes us become allergic. So it ends up that underneath, basically underneath, in your gut, there’s one cell thickness of your, or your immune system, or of your gut and just under that is your immune system. So your immune system is what is recognizing things that are not good for you. So if you have leaky gut syndrome, you’re leaking toxins through your gut and your body’s not recognizing that it’s good for you, that what that is is good. So if I take this pointer and if I say that this part right here is a protein that has been broken down and it’s going to come through this, in my gut, if this comes through and it says “okay, that’s an amino acid, that’s protein that’s been broken down enough so that I can use that protein and take it over here and I’m going to make liver for Troy.” This is what that is. This is an amino acid. When we have leaky gut or we are eating too much sugars, it will inflame this area and actually will cause the system to open up so you’re getting fissures. Well now, hunks of protein can come through and the body says wait a minute, that’s not an amino acid. That’s not me, this is chicken. So it will take, just realize that just underneath that first level of, or first layer of tissue resides 60 percent of your immune system. So the body will attack this protein and start to go around and look for other proteins in the system that are similar to this protein. It might be your pancreas. It could be your liver, but now that’s going to start to inflame. This process of an antibody attacking the protein creates inflammation. Besides that, just straight out sugar creates inflammation. Sugar is pro-inflammatory. So if you can get control of eliminating things out of your diet that you know are allergic. We know that sugar makes us not feel well, because it creates inflammation. Inflammation is hot, it’s red, it’s yucky. So the body will send, yucky by the way, is not a medical term , that’s just mine. So the body will send water to that inflamed area. If that happens to me and my gut it’s going to make me swell. So over here and oft times you’ll have that gut extra. So I’ve got about five extra pounds of gut just on my side here. However, since I’ve been this last week and a half, I’ve lost six pounds. I went from 172, five pounds, 172 to 167. That’s just in a week, but yes there’s some water discharged there. Because my body’s shedding, I haven’t been putting in wheat, that I know I’m allergic to, and I haven’t been putting in sugar, except for yesterday. Yesterday we went to the (cough) you can hear me wheezing in fact. Yesterday we went to the all-you-can-eat pizza place and salad bar. So I had a nice big salad, okay? I said “well maybe I’ll just have one little piece of pizza.” Well that one turned into three, but I still had, thinking I had a lot of salad, it’s going to slow down and it won’t be such a big deal. However, today, my eyes are a bit swollen. I had a tickle, just then you could hear it. My voice has been gravely all day and all I did was have three pieces of pizza, and I’m having a little bit more difficulty getting this video out because my mind is, because of the wheat. What I’m telling you is you can watch it and figure out what it is that your allergic too. I know right now that I’m allergic to wheat. So what I want to do is get rid of wheat for about four or five months, completely. Get rid of it so that that layer under here, that layer of antibody, or that layer of immune system can relax in my gut, so I quit swelling so much, bloating so much. This is what I’m going to be teaching come the first of the year. We have a couple more weeks until the first of the year. From that point on I’m going to be teaching all my patients about what to do to eliminate. Because I can adjust them. I can give them supplements. I can do all these things, but unless we can shut off the inflammation it’s for naught. So that’s tremendous. I appreciate Dr. Hymen being able to put this information out. You can look it up, just look on, get on and do a Google search Dr. Hymen. He’s got three or four different books about how to get rid of inflammation. I’ll be drawing from his information and my own as well as we go. So I hope this has been beneficial for you. We’re coming in to sugar time. We’re in fact right in the middle of it. Here today we’re at the 14th of December, so if you’re going to eat sugar, try to eat a lot of vegetables to try to overcome the amount of acidity. Acid, sugar turns to acid. Vegetables turn into alkaline. That helps to kind of balance that extra sugar. So just eat a lot more vegetables and you’ll get through this time a little bit better. I hope that’s been beneficial for you. Look to the future, these next coming weeks. We’ll be teaching more about how to get rid of inflammation. Have a great weekend.


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