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How to Treat Endocrine Exhaustion and Fatigue
Jan 08

How to Treat Endocrine Exhaustion and Fatigue

The endocrine system is the system that controls hormone function. This system is controlled by the brain specifically the Hypothalamus. The hypothalamus sends information to the pituitary guiding its function. The pituitary is the master gland that is responsible for “gate keeping” the feedback loops between all of the endocrine glands.

Endocrine exhaustion usually begins as the adrenal glands experience over load. We live in such a fast pace society that we are constantly under stress. The adrenal glands put out adrenalin and act like the pons of a chest game being the first line of defense. As the adrenals become more fatigued, they feedback to the thyroid causing it to put out more thyroid hormone to try to keep the metabolism the same. The thyroid usually becomes fatigued as well. As the process continues, the hypothalamus becomes fatigued as well and actually becomes enflamed. This process leads to chronic diseases such as Lupus, fibromyalgia, and many of the auto immune issues that are so prevalent.

Treatment for this issue is to first diminish the stress. Make boundaries in your life that will help you to not overwhelm your system. Saying yes to something is to say no to something else.

Hypothala – supports the hypothalamus
Adrenix – rebuilds the adrenal glands
Thyroiden – brings balance to the thyroid
Pituiten – stabilizes the pituitary for normal function

Full Video Transcription

Hi, my name is Dr. Troy Giles. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Natural Internist. Today I wanted to talk you you about endocrine fatigue or endocrine exhaustion. I had a patient come in, it’s been last year, as he came in he suffered what you would expect or what you would think was a stroke. A young fellow, he’s 24 years old, had been working very intensely, you know, 80 hours a week, installing security systems, getting up into attics, pushing, pushing, pushing. He finally gets out here to Utah, gets into an RV with his family to go on a trip to Disney Land and in the middle of Nevada he can’t move, can’t talk, just can’t even, they think he’s had a stroke. They took him to the hospital, they found nothing, no signs that there was any trouble at all. What I think had happened, because after we treated him with what I thought happened, he got better. What I think happened is he had adrenal or overall endocrine system exhaustion. Adrenal glands that sit just on top of the kidneys, just like Ad means on top of and renal means kidney. So the adrenals sit right on top. They produce adrenaline. If he’s constantly pushing, installing these security alarms and managing other people as well, and 80 hours a week, not much water, his adrenal glands became so fatigued and therefore his thyroid and all the rest of the system burnt out to where he could not even move. Once we got him here, he basically could hobble in, using some crutches. This was after two or three weeks of being in the hospital. He hobbled in and when we did our scan, we have a computer scan that shows different kinds of issues that are in the system. We found that the adrenal glands were extremely tired. We started there and gave him 4-6 capsules of what we call Adrenix to support the adrenal glands and get them up and producing more adrenaline. We gave him some Thyroiden, that helps thyroid function and Pituitin for the pituitary. We got that back online and within a week he could start to talk again and within two weeks he was not walking with his crutches anymore. Three weeks the cane was gone. He went to a cane, and could walk fine. What happened is when we get so fatigued and so stressed, it literally drops it down, drops our adrenal glands right off. He also had some spinal issues. If you look here on our spinal nerves, over here at T10, that runs to the small intestine. T9 runs over to the adrenal glands. So the kidneys are here. The adrenal glands are here. You notice that from the brain it comes down the spinal cord and each one of these blue and green lines are controlled of the autonomic nervous system. This means it happens automatically. There’s control from our brain, down the spine, and into the organs of the autonomic nervous system. Autonomic means that it happens automatically. He was going and going and going for so long, so much stimulation to those adrenals, they just quit working. Without adrenal function, or low adrenal function, nothing happens. So as you start to think about the amount of fatigue on a continuum from 100 down to zero, if we’re at 100 percent stress all the time we will burn out. So we need to build and monitor that and see. Make sure that we’re giving ourselves nutrients, that we’re getting appropriate rest, that we’re not out of balance. Staying in balance is the key. But if you’re suffering any of these kind of symptoms, make sure you feel free to call.


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