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How to Treat Influenza/Flu and Colds
Feb 01

How to Treat Influenza/Flu and Colds

I am personally against taking the flu shot. There are many different types of viruses that can present with flue like symptoms. Which one of these viruses do we isolate as the “one” virus that will be the flue this year. There are many of the patients I treat who receive the flu shot and are sicker following the shot than they may have been just getting the flue. I am not sure what is things are in the flu vaccine such as preservatives, toxins, etc. I just don’t feel good about getting something put into my body that I am not sure about.

We can do things that will help protect against the flue and colds by increasing vitamin C, Vitamin D, decreasing our sugar consumption, and diminishing our overall stress load during the cold and flu season. We can fight virus and bacteria with natural supplementation such as Viroex and Bactoex, formulas that will help your body build its own immune response to virus and bacteria. We can support lung tissue with Permalung which helps rebuild and detoxify the lung. Increase the immune system by using Thymasure to support the thymus, the gland that is in charge of the immune system, and Toxex to support detoxification and getting rid of the toxins. Chelation of the toxins from the use of Toxex helps to diminish your symptoms. Try to get out of areas that have air inversions as much as possible. If you live in an area that has bad air, when in your house which has filtered air, take deep breaths to help clear your lungs and help your body with deep lung function.

Full Transcription

Hi, my name is Dr. Troy Giles. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Natural Internist. Today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about what’s been happening with the flu season. An amazing amount of people have been sick with the flu. I think much larger than we normally see. Personally I’m against the flu shot because we’re taking one flu or two or three flus of what we’ve seen in Asia or in Europe and that’s what’s going to be the flu this year and that’s sort of a good idea, except that there’s many, many other viruses and bacterias that create flu-like symptoms. Then when we do the flu shot, if it does work, and if it is clean, and it doesn’t have preservatives or things in it, then you’re actually getting connected or supported around one or two viruses, but there’s literally millions of viruses out there that can create the same kind of flu-like symptoms. So I think that we’re injecting ourselves with things that we don’t know what is there. I see many of my patients get sick or sicker with the flu shot. So my own sense is I don’t get a flu shot. But what we can do is give you things to support yourself against the flu, vitamin C in large amounts, vitamin D in large amounts. Our vitamin D diminishes because of the amount of sun, so we’re not having enough vitamin D. So increase vitamin C, vitamin D, decrease sugars. Simple sugars are death, period. If you watched my video last week, my friend had the Tourette’s Syndrome, definitely increases his issue. His Tourette’s increases when he eats a lot more sugar. So decrease your sugar. Eat more vegetables and fruit. That’s where all your nutrients are. When we do get sick with a massive sore throat, runny nose, and the intense chest congestion, I’ll usually hit it with both Viro-EX and Bacto-EX, our natural antibacterial and antiviral. Those go in together and helps knock out the virus and bacteria. We support it usually as well with Permi-Lung because it’s in the upper respiratory tract that we usually find it. So we give Permi-Lung as well. The last one we work with, well a couple more Thymassure is in charge of the thymus gland. It sits roughly in this area here. It’s in charge of your immune system. So we want to support the thymus and lastly give Tox-EX, which helps to remove toxins. The die off from the bacteria and the virus creates a lot of toxin. Tox-EX helps to coagulate, get these toxins together, and become larger, to be excreted out of the kidney. It’s similar to this. If this is a toxin, and this is the kidney/liver net, it will stay, these toxins can stay in the system and become larger, and larger concentrations in the blood and you become sicker and sicker. With Tox-EX, it takes the toxin, chelates it, brings it together, so it’s a larger molecule and gets stuck in the kidney and liver net and then excreted out. So that’s how that works. So during this winter time and during the cold and flu season, you can even take Thymassure, one a day, or two a day just to build your immune system. I’m constantly with people that are sick and very rarely do I get sick, so it’s because of building the immune system. So I hope that’s been beneficial for you. If you happen to live in an inversion area, here in Salt Lake, where we’ve been inverted and had worse air than Beijing, China, for three weeks in a row the last couple three weeks. It was worse than that. Try to get away. Try to get up out of the city. Get some good fresh air. When you’re in your home, which is filtered better because of the filtering you have in your house, make sure your taking good deep breaths in your home, clearing your lungs out, drinking a lot of water to flush that. So I hope that’s been beneficial for you. Have a great weekend and we’ll see you next time.


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