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How to Treat Lyme’s Disease
Jun 17

How to Treat Lyme’s Disease

How to Treat Lymes Disease


Hi, my name id Dr. Troy Giles. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Natural Internist and today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about treating Lyme’s disease. Lyme is a big deal. It’s becoming a pandemic. It’s literally able to be transmitted, not only from the Lyme’s tick, but research is showing that it is able to be transmitted to any blood sucking insect, so mosquitoes, horse flies, anything that bites and draws blood can pass this. So Lyme, the Lyme’s tick carries Borrelia bacteria. Borrelia and Bartonella and many others. It is a spirochete. A spirochete is a spiral-shaped bacteria. Spirochetes have the ability to inject themselves into cells, not only human cells, but they can inject themselves and inject their DNA into bacteria, other bacterias, fungus, viruses, and actually commandeer that particular cell. They are very, very illusive. They are very, very difficult to get to. Now Lyme’s disease, as far as being bit by a tick and getting the pin point bullet rash, the rash can appear, not just around the tick bit itself, but anywhere on the body, which then ultimately can affect difficult tissues to get to. A fibrous or more harder tissue, such as joint tissues, the brain, the pancreas. These are areas where it has a greater tendency to hit, but it can affect you anywhere in any body system. It is very, very intelligent. It has the ability to hide. It does not want to be found. It can get in to any tissue. It can cause a myriad of symptoms. So when you say Lyme’s disease, it is usually accompanied by the rash, achy joints, brain fog. That’s for exact Lyme’s disease, but you can have Borrelia bacteria, not having the symptoms of Lyme’s disease, but have the overall demonstration of weakness in the system, weakness in any organ system, literally any symptom that you can have can be coming from Lyme. Now it can be picked up through electro-dermal screening, through kinesiology, through blood work. But many times it doesn’t show up in blood work because it has absconded or screwed itself into other cells or other tissues of the body and is not seen as well. You might have a higher sed rate. The sed rate is when you’re sick you can see a lot of garbage in the blood. The sedation rate, the sedimentation, how long it takes for it to fall out of solution. You can also get it to where basically it just drops the overall immune system and your constitution. So the constitution drops. Then you are able to get sick by many other issues. It can mutate into many different things as well. It can inject itself into fungus. It can inject itself into another bacteria. So now that particular bacteria has been altered and just goes into a mutation, very, very difficult to hit. However, you can hit it by finding out what it is. Is it in it’s bacterial form? Has it mutated into a different kind of bacteria? Has it mutated into a fungus, into a micro-parasite? With that information we are able to then hit it with a specific natural supplementation to help the body’s immune system recognize it and get rid of it, but it takes about a year. It’s a very difficult thing to hit. But as we are able to get up and strengthen this person’s system, by building the immune system and helping to target it, you can actually get on top of it. Here at my office I do some auto sanguineous injections where we draw blood and mix that with some other homeopathics and then re-inject that into the patient, like giving them a flu shot, that’s very effective. We also give natural bacterials, natural virals, depending on if it’s mutated even into a parasite. We can give manta-parasidics. There are other homeopathics to give as well. High doses of Vitamin C, anything that we can think of to build the immune system. Detoxification, through water baths, through saunas, fire infrared saunas are also very, very effective, because fire infrared sauna will penetrate your body by an inch and a half, up to two inches and heat the system up to where the bad cells, Borrelia and so forth, can’t stand that heat. They don’t have the ability to perspire like our normal cells do. So that actually helps you in heating the system up, helps you to kill and get rid of those particular bacteria. I hope this has been beneficial. If you have questions please feel free to call the office and we can set up a complimentary consultation here.

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