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How to Treat Lupus and Other Autoimmune Diseases
Aug 19

How to Treat Lupus and Other Autoimmune Diseases

How to Treat Lupus and other Autoimmune Diseases

Hi, my name is Dr. Troy Giles. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and I practice here in Utah, and I wanted to tell you a little bit today about the treatment of lupus and basically autoimmune issues. Lupus is one of the biggest autoimmune disorders that we have and basically it’s to a point where you’ve degenerated to such a point that if you have at least 15 of these 20 symptoms, we call you lupus. It’s amazing that it’s all about disruption or disequilibrium of energy in your body that you have degenerated to a point your organs aren’t functioning the way that they should, to a point that we now have kidneys shut down. We have arthritis. We have positive ANA or an antinuclear antibody test that’s positive with lupus. All of these degenerative issues are showing and basically the answer to it is Prednisone or steroids of some type to shut down the inflammation. It is an inflammatory state of basically your whole body. So how do you distinguish between the other degenerative issues that we have. It’s because we have these organs that have degenerated that when they don’t work correctly you produce these set of symptoms. When this particular set of organs don’t work correctly, it’s this set of symptoms. So medicine has gotten together and has done very well at naming the disease, but treatment of the disease, basically we don’t know anything about it, other than shutting down and giving you Prednisone or shutting it down and giving you anti-inflammatory issues. I am going to take basically any disease you throw my way and there will be a contingency or a concept about leaky gut syndrome that I am going to tell you your lupus or your rheumatoid arthritis, or any of those issues that have auto-immune issues to it will go back to leaky gut syndrome. So you can watch my leaky gut syndrome video and see what that’s about, but I will take just a minute right now and explain some and how that affects lupus and all of the other things. Leaky gut syndrome, we will take you to this picture right here. Leaky gut syndrome is where your gut opens up. Big large fissures will open up and allow toxins to pass through that should not be passing through. In connection with that you will also have various layers of infection along the gut, anywhere from fungus to parasites, to bacterias, and when these, when this whole area opens up, these bacterias and other life forms can translocate across that barrier and get in to other systems, other organ systems. Like if it’s your liver, you are going to have liver enzyme elevation. If it’s your kidneys, you are going to have your Alk Phos and your creatinine levels will be high. Because those different infections, layers of infection, you know what I am talking about with layers, I am talking about five or ten percent count of bacteria, not enough that you have a huge bacterial infection in your kidneys, not enough that you have something that can really be picked up on any of your blood work. So we are not going to give you an antibody for it because it is not enough to really show it. But these layers of infection can trans-mutate or trans-locate. When I say trans-mutate, they can mutate from various concepts. For example, the lime bacteria can mutate various ways by inserting itself into different cells, putting its DNA into the cell. It mutates a bit and becomes another kind of organism. That’s why it is so difficult to hit. What we want to try to do with leaky gut syndrome is get rid of first these infections. Get rid of the small layers of infection. Secondly, we want to repair the tissue, repair the colon tissue, the digestive, all the way from your mouth to your anus. We want to repair those tissues. We do that through a supplement called Col-Trax, that can repair the DNA of that tissue. So we want to make the fissures nice and tight. So these bacterias and things can’t pass through. Third, we want to reestablish the good bacteria. All these little flakes right here are good bacteria. We want to reestablish them and give your gut a lot. What I am recommending right now, because I haven’t found anything greater than this, is a supplement or a good bacteria out at Costco. It is a 110 Billion per capsule of good bacteria. So I am having the patient’s take two a day of those with an empty stomach. That will help to reestablish the good bacteria. Now when we have repaired the tissue and these little villi, these fingers can regrow, over here you notice that those fingers aren’t very, they are atrophied away. Over here there is a lot of those fingers. These fingers create, so that you’re absorption in your gut is the size of a tennis court. So, when you are looking at autoimmune issues, you’re leaking stuff through the gut, but you are also dying of malnutrition, because you are not able to absorb in to the system through these little villi. By creating more surface area your body can absorb that much more nutrient. So it’s very important to have the good kind of bacteria. Lastly, the number fourth thing we do is reestablish digestive enzymes, appropriate digestive enzyme. By the time you’re 50, half of your digestion ability is diminished. Half of your digestive enzymes are gone, so we want to reestablish those. So again, repassing, Remove the infection. Repair the tissue do it is nice and tight. Reestablish good bacteria and replace digestive enzyme. Those are the four things we do with leaky gut. Now why is it so important to repair? Because when you are leaking these toxins, when they leak through the gut, they will go into the other areas of your body. They will start to attack the liver. They will start to attack or they will get stuck, if you will, create inflammation in the liver, in the kidney, in the joints. So we may have arthritis. With rheumatoid arthritis we get Pannus formation. Pannus is like sand within the joint. That comes from leaky gut passing through. Then there’s inflammation with it because the body recognizes these proteins as abnormal. Your body creates antibodies towards those abnormal proteins that have leaked through the gut and now you are starting to attack your own body because these proteins that are leaking through the gut, antibodies will pick those proteins up, and say “this is abnormal protein” fight it, but also scour and look around all the rest of the body and find out where there are other proteins that are similar to the ones that have leaked through. So now your own body is going to start to attack itself. So lets say in the liver, or let’s say that the pancreas for example, if the pancreas has very similar proteins, as milk, so if our kids start to drink milk, the body will recognize milk as abnormal in the body, create an antibody towards it and look for similar proteins. Pancreas has a similar protein. All of a sudden your body is fighting or now you have got juvenile onset diabetes. There is research that shows that on the net as well. So the concept with lupus, because it is so many, so many system failure, is to stop the fire. We have got to put the fire out first. We have got to stop the inflammation. We have got put the fire out and then we’ve got to start to repair, rebuild organ systems. It’s a multi-organ function dysfunction, a multi-organ dysfunction, disequilibrium of the way your body should function. So you say “How do you treat lupus?” Well first off I am going to make sure that the gut is set. Then we are going to make sure you’re not allergic to any kind of foods, having an issue with food irritation. Then we are going to look at whatever organ systems are a problem. With the supplementation that I use, it is designed to repair and normalize the function of the DNA. It was created here at Utah State, where they were actually able to get in and find out what was happening, why the dysfunction and give nutrients, actually herbs that were balanced to repair the DNA. It’s amazing. So that’s how we start. We just do one hand hold and one foot hold at a time, digging ourselves up and out of this dysfunction. But, lupus is down towards the bottom of your body being dysfunction, of it not working correctly, and the organs saying “I’m done. I have been attacked by my own body. The attack I feel comes from the gut leaking toxins through, proteins through.” The body recognizes these leaking through as abnormal proteins, attacks them, but also attacks other organs or other proteins that look similar and those are what are in our organs. The organs are being attacked. So you say “Well obviously an autoimmune.” Your own body is attacking itself. That’s one of the reasons why. So when we get that set, give you good count, a good count of antioxidants as well, you will start to repair. I can’t promise it, but we have treated a lot of people with lupus and we do very well. You can contact our office using the number, call our office directly, you see here on the screen.

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