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How to Live a Better Life
Aug 26

How to Live a Better Life

How to Live a Better Life

Hi, my name is Dr. Troy Giles. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Natural Internist. I wanted to share today with you great book that I just learned about, but maybe you have even seen it before, but it’s called The Four Agreements. A patient said, I was working on some emotion with this particular patient, and I said “how are you doing emotionally?” He said “since I have adopted, or trying to adopt, the Four Agreements concept, I have just noticed major changes in my life. So I read the book and I actually haven’t read it all the way, but I am in the middle of reading it and I just love what I have read so far. So I just wanted to run over those four agreements, the four, what the book talks about. I can’t remember the author’s name, but you can look it up on Google or whatever you go to, Barnes and Noble. It’s called The Four Agreements and it comes from, I believe it’s Toltec or one of the Indian tribes down in Mexico, the concept is, but it is a great book. The first agreement is that you let your words be impeccable. Your words that come out of your mouth is your soul, if you will. Your tongue is connected to your soul, to your being and impeccable means without sin. In the Latin, peccare is to sin, so being impeccable means sinless, or not allowing vile things to come out of your mouth, negative thoughts, where we are talking about others, or gossiping or saying something negative to somebody else. Only let positive, building, uplifting words come from your mouth, is the first agreement. The second agreement is to not take anything personally. How many times is it that somebody says to us “oh, your just a dumb chiropractor, you don’t know.” Oh, here’s a good one “you’re not a real doctor”. I get that all the time. You’re just a chiropractor. You know, I used to let that bother me, but now I realize who I am, what I do. I know what happens with patients when we work with them. They get well. So you could basically tell me whatever you want and I am not going to take that personally. But, when we do take things personally, we are actually listening to what somebody else has to say and we are letting it become something that’s, they have a lot of filtering, or filters, or belief pattern that they have learned, that really have nothing to do with us. But when we take it personally, we are allowing them, their thoughts, their filters, their beliefs to control our outcome. An example of this was a little girl was playing, she was 3 or 4 years old, singing and everything and her mother came home from a hard day at work, had a bad headache, told her daughter. Finally she built up enough anger she said “stop singing, you have an ugly voice anyways, just stop singing.” The little girl took on that agreement, took on that belief and said “you know what, you’re right. If I want to get love from my Mom I better not sing anymore.” And she decided not to sing ever again. So that was taking something personally. Of course it was just a little girl, but when we take things personally we are letting the beliefs and systems of others dictate who we will be. So the first one is let your words be impeccable. Second, don’t take anything personally. Third, don’t make assumptions. When you assume something, you are saying that what you’re seeing must be real. So for example, if I am going with a girl and I see her talking to a guy, then he must be hitting on her or she is stepping out on me. I am making an assumption without knowing the facts. So if you can find out what the facts are, before you go forward, then you are going to base all of your whole life on what’s fact, instead of what you think is real. So don’t assume anything. Always make sure that what dealing with or thinking about is based on fact. Okay so recapping, let your words be impeccable, without sin. Don’t take anything personally, know who you are and your relationship with God or whatever, whoever you believe in, and not allow others words to change who you are. Third, don’t assume anything. Make sure you know the facts of everything before you act. Fourth is do your best. Do your best within what you know is right with God. If you, maybe you heard the little ditty “Good, Better, Best, never let it rest, tell your good is your better, and your better is your best.” That’s great, but we have to know what our range is. We have to know what our boundary is. How far is our boundary? How far is our best? Because you can run yourself ragged trying to be the best, where you have now gotten yourself schizophrenic because your trying to be perfect in everything that you do. Find out what that best is. Be good with your creator in where that end is so that you can find the balance. What did you call this Tyler? These five things they are a what? Do you remember that? You just said these are heuristics, which means that it’s a snippet of information that if mainly followed you are going to have a good outcome. Can you imagine if you only spoke good words, if you never took anything personally because you have a good connection with you and your creator, that you never assumed anything, you got the facts the best you could and then you acted, and that you did your best in everything that you could do? Can you imagine what life would be like for you and for the population in general? So I wanted to share that with you today. If you have questions about what I do as a wellness professional, if you have questions about emotions and how emotions can effect you, or if you have troubles with your gut, or any kind of things like that, you can feel free to call us here at the office or email us. The email address and our number are here on the screen. Call us anytime you want and we can help you out with basically any question you have regarding structure, emotion, and physiology. That’s a triangle of health that I work with. So I just wanted to share that with you. I hope that was beneficial. Look the book up, The Four Agreements. You can get it at Barnes and Noble or on any of the outlets on the net. Hope that’s beneficial and I hope you have a great day.

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