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How to Treat Mononucleosis
Oct 08

How to Treat Mononucleosis

How to Treat Mononucleosis

Hi, my name is Dr. Tory Giles. I am a doctor of Chiropractic and a Natural Internist. Today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about chronic infection, but more specifically of how chronic infection affects the spleen. So splenomegaly is another one that is diagnosed, it just means enlargement of the spleen. The spleen fits in the upper left quadrant, roughly underneath the left ribs here and it can become enlarged and tender to palpitation. Many times with car wrecks, a significant car wreck, it can tear the spleen and you will start having internal bleeding from the spleen. So the surgeons will cut and remove the spleen because it’s bleeding. So we can live without the spleen, but it is very important in the immune system. The spleen is what filters white and red blood cells that are dying, dying off, it’s what will filter a lot of that out. So any time you have a chronic infection, where the white blood cells are elevated, you are going to end up having a little bit of enlargement of the spleen. The spleen, like I said, is the filter. What we want to do is help the body treat the infection so that the spleen doesn’t have such a chronic overload of those white blood cells and other cells of die-off. So anytime you have macrophage, that is a type of white blood cell that will actually get in and fight and kill those infections. So we want to try to support the body by giving it a natural antibiotic. So, for example, if we are looking at bacteria, we would want to use Bacto-EX. So Bacto-EX is a supplement that is completely vegetarian that is a natural antibiotic. The other thing that would be affective would be Viro-EX. Viro-EX is a good one for virus, but any of these viruses or bacterias, parasites, chronic long-term infections will create enlargement of the spleen. The other one that we see enlargement of the spleen is with mono. We have a positive mono spot test that shows up for Mononucleosis. Mononucleosis is usually a “kissing disease” they say because you get it when you are “kissing”, but it is not really kissing that is the big issue. It is because your body has become so diminished, so weakened, because you are not getting enough sleep. You are not eating correctly. You’re studying. Students get it a lot of times. Younger kids get it, because they are literally depleting themselves far enough that they are able to get in these infected issues and now they are really, really tired, fatigued, sleep all the time, enlargement of the spleen. That’s one thing that is pathognomonic, or will show enlarged spleen with that disorder. Spleen will enlarge though, basically anytime you’re sick. The spleen has to filter the dead and dying red and white blood cells. The spleen is also associated with T7, so if we click here on T7, it is going to run over here to the spleen. So the vertebrae actually have nerve roots and exit right here in the mid back. They kind of look like this, where those vertebrae, or nerve roots will exit the vertebrae and head over and T7, the seventh thoracic vertebrae is where that runs out into the organ of the spleen. So if there is misalignment there at T7, you would have areas right, just about bra-strap area is about T7. Chronic pain there, when that is misaligned, you are not getting information from the T7 vertebrae around to the spleen. So it is kind of like when there is a misaligned vertebrae, it’s almost like the light. Tyler hit that light up there. Over here I have a rheostat and I can dim the light switch. I can turn the light on and off. So when there is a misaligned vertebrae it shuts down the pressure, shuts down the energy to that particular organ, whether its’ a spleen or any of the other organs, and you won’t have as much energy flow to that organ. So it is very important to make sure chiropractically that you are open, that the vertebrae are in position and moving, because that just makes sense that we don’t want to put our heel on a hose and kink the hose of water flow. The weight of a nickel on the nerve root will shut down that energy. So, working with chronic inflammation of the spleen, splenomegaly, we want to get rid of layers of infection and that’s done through Viro-EX for virus, Bacto-EX for bacteria. Expleen is the support formula for the spleen to help it dump, to help it filter, to cleanse, to help repair and support the DNA function of that organ so that it can do what it should do. We can help.

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