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The Benefits of Lymphatic Massage
Nov 05

The Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

The Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

Hi, my name is Dr. Troy Giles. I am a doctor of Chiropractic and a Natural Internist. Today I wanted to talk to you about lymphatic massage and the importance of lymphatic massage in many instances. Specifically, when a patient is sick, many times their lymphatics are what is bound up or blocked up before the person gets sick. So the patient usually has blockage up, you can feel up in the lymph nodes, up here, that they are swollen. They are swollen around the axilla here, where the arm attaches on to the trunk, and then especially down around where the leg attaches to the trunk as well. These areas are areas where the lymphatics will congeal or will come together and get stuck many times. So when we are trying to work with somebody that is sick, we want to get that to be opened. So what we do here in the office is we do a massage therapy with the lymphatic massage. I don’t know if this will pick up on the video, but what I want to do is shut the light off. You are probably going to need to shut off the other light as well on your camera, so you can see this. Can you see that? I don’t know if you are picking that purple up. But, what is happening here is this is, its called a Lymph Star Pro. The Lymph Star Pro is placed on the patient’s body. What happens is, this is actually bombarding. The patient will be laying on their back. One light will be underneath the leg, the other light will be underneath their back. Then with very light strokes, not a deep tissue. This isn’t like a muscle. This is very, very light movement. We are getting the lymphatics to drain and to open up, kind of like this picture here. Let’s look at this one. What can happen is you can get bound up in these areas like I mentioned before, around the arms and down around the legs and basically anywhere in the system. So if you have a blockage right here in the leg, the lymphatic will back up and actually cause the legs to be swollen. So as we put the Lymph Star Pro on, you can kind of hear that little squeaking sound, it’s producing that negative ion. There is actually a negative ion produced by the light and it is not only a light, it’s more of a bulb with special gases inside that when there is electrical charge passed through it, they give off light and sound and also ozone as well. But, what happens is, usually when there is a blockage in the lymphatics is because there is undigested proteins and water that bind up electrically and that binding makes a larger molecule and that then can get stuck in the lymph system. So it is almost like this is a Beaver Dam and this is where the blockage is. So this will start to fill up so that the lake or the stream will start to back up into the tributary. So by putting the light on it, it breaks the bonding between the positive and negative charges. Therefore, the water can disconnect from the undigested protein. Now with light lymphatic stroke into, we usually start with the abdomen first and will massage clockwise and get this to start to move up into the colon and digestive tract so it can dump out through the feces. Then once this is cleared it will move up into the chest, down into the area here, down into the abdomen. Then it will start to move up the arms and down into the abdomen, same thing down the neck, from the face on down. Then we will move up from the legs up into the area and we are always moving from close to the abdomen to farther away. So as we move this stroking up, we are going to start to get, its almost like we are milking a cow, if you will. It’s almost like the udder is stuck, so we need to first clean the udder and then work further up the udder until we are now getting full strokes and full movement of fluid through the udder, similar concept. We have to get this to move here in the abdomen first. Then we can start to move up and get the extremities. So we have the patient lying on their back, move the front part of the body first. Then we tip them over on their stomach and we will do the same thing. We will flow it through the, up the legs and into the mid back, around, and the last part we do is again, flush through the abdomen. So that will get that to move very nicely. So people with chronic issues, Lyme disease, Epstein Bar Virus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, any of those issues are usually going to be an issue in the lymphatic. That is where the body fights the infection. So if we can get that area to move, that flow to move, more effectively, the patient can get in and fight the infection and the garbage then can be brought out through the lymphatics and back into the blood supply, cleansed in the liver and therefore you start to have the patient heal. So the benefits of lymphatic massage are tremendous. I even encourage people to get massages often, once a week, every other week, whatever. If you are a married couple or whatever, you can do a couples massage alternating that as well. So you can just make sure that the lymph is moving. Your lymphatics are so vital in having you be very healthy. When you back up in the lymphatics you don’t have the ability to cleanse, flush fluids, flush garbage out of the system. You then back up and now it’s a great living place for bacterias and viruses and now you get sick. So getting that lymphatic to move is just so vital. So I hope that has been beneficial for you. If you have any questions, make sure you feel free to contact my office.

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