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How to Treat Spinal Meningitis
Jan 14

How to Treat Spinal Meningitis

How to Treat Spinal Meningitis

Hi, my name is Dr. Troy Giles. I am a doctor of chiropractic and a natural internist. Today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about spinal meningitis. It is a big problem. A very close patient of mine contracted this about a week and a half ago. It is actually a family member. She called us and said she wasn’t feeling good, that she had been vomiting and throwing up and then she started to babble. She was talking like she knew what she was saying, but it absolutely was not legible, or not audible. So we went down to her house to see what was going on. Because she had been vomiting and throwing up for those few days, we thought well maybe she is really dehydrated or maybe loss of sugar. So we thought “lets get her some re-hydration”. We got her some mineral drink, so that she could drink in carbohydrates. We were seeing what we could do before a possibility of taking her to the emergency room. I had her stick her tongue out. The first thing I was thinking is that it was a possible stroke, because she is not making sense. I had her stick her tongue out straight. Her tongue came straight out. She could wink both eyes, smile both sides of her face lifted fine. She stuck her tongue out, looked at the back of the uvula and didn’t come to one side. If you’re having a stroke, then you are going to have loss of motion. So this one whole side will smile, while this side doesn’t. Stick the tongue out, it’s going to pull to the right, because the left side of the tongue isn’t working for example, left or right side, depending on what side the stroke is on. She did appear to be having a stroke. So we said “lets take just a half hour or so and see if we can get her re-hydrated.” She was able to hold down the fluid there for about a half hour. She would come in and out of speaking normally, as she would start talking abnormally again. Towards the end, before we ended up taking her to the hospital, she went to take a drink and out of the garbage can that she was holding, we were giving her drinks and she had the garbage can, just in case she wanted to vomit. We said “okay, we are done”. We took her to the emergency room. They checked her immediately for a stroke. CAT scans were normal. She had a severe headache and her neck hurt as well. So one of the tests we do is a Lyme’s test, which is to take the head and just bring it forward and if there is spinal meningitis, then there is inflammation of the meninges that hold the brain and the spinal cord in position. So, meningitis is an inflammatory state of that meninges, that the the guide wires, if you will, that hold the brain and the spinal cord in the cerebral spinal fluid, that keep it in center. So that it is not rubbing on different parts of the spinal cord, or of the spinal canal. Well this is inflammation because of bacterial or a virus usually. So, I have talked about spinal meningitis before with low grade viruses. I think that you can have a low grade virus and get in the spinal fluid with a virus and be transient, have a bad headache, neck pain, and so forth, but the body fights it and moves on through. The more difficult kind of hit, and with virus, you really can’t medically do anything for it, other than give steroids. But, bacterial meningitis is antibiotic therapy. What we have learned now, after finding that the spinal tap, where they stuck a needle into her back, the cerebral spinal fluid should be clear like water. Hers came out yellow, cloudy, and it had quite a bit of bacteria in it. Bacteria can definitely be deadly. Neisseria is  the type of bacteria that oft times causes death. Don’t quote me on this, but it seemed like the doctor told us about 70 percent of the time, with Neisseria, they are dead in 24 hours. We didn’t know whether she had that, until they were able to do a culture and cultured out over 36 hours or so and found that it was the Haemophilus and was a type of bacteria. Sick…she was sick for two or three days in ICU, but then because of the amount of antibiotics and the amount of anti-inflammatories, Prednisone and so forth, the swelling has diminished. She is now out of ICU and now is in intensive rehabilitation at a different hospital. What this showed me, was very humbling to me, is that how quickly things can change. We talked with her at 11 o’clock in the morning, by five o’clock that night she was out, now giving her morphine for the headache. She was so sick, close to death. What it also gave to me…Oft times me as a chiropractor and a natural internist, oft times, we are on the other side of medicine. Western medicine is over here. Natural medicine is over here and sometimes we get a little bit negative towards our medical brothers. What this showed me is that there is definitely a need for more medical brothers. for MD’s in our lives. Without them and without their help, she would have been dead. There is nothing that I could have given her that would be strong enough, in my opinion, that helped her to not overcome with the bacterial. It was very humbling and I definitely appreciate my medical brothers in relationship here as we treat other people. Virally, we do have a substance called Viroex that is very effective, Viro-Ex. We would also support that and direct the Viro-Ex to the brain and cerebral and spinal fluid through something called serologic. Serologic would help direct that virus to the cerebral spinal fluid. When this family member of mine comes out of the hospital, we will probably be giving her Bactoex, which is a natural antibiotic, that we’ll keep working on, and making sure that nothing else comes about. She has been on so much antibiotics that I am sure it is well cleared now. She does have quite a bit of inflammation and still feels like her head it swollen, which it would be. But you imagine all the dying off of the bacteria within the cerebral spinal fluid is also there and needs to come out. I would suggest that as we can, when she is out of the hospital, to give her a digestive enzyme, empty stomach, which helps to come into the blood supply a protease, amylase, lipase, different kinds of enzymes can be in the blood supply as well, and help to repair and digest out the dead and dying white blood cells, red blood cells, things that happen because of the massive amount of antibiotics, and the massive amount of bacteria. _________ is another one that would be very effective to help with the spleen function as we are getting rid of the dying off of that bad bacteria. The last one that I can think about would be Tox-Ex, that is a chelating agent brings toxins together, to get them out of you, while this is leaving your body. Very very scary. I would absolutely get her back there again. I would not even question it in the least. If you suspect the meningitis, get them to the hospital, the very first thing. It is so vital. It is quite rare. It is not something that everybody gets really easily, but man, she was sick. So, if you have questions, feel free to call the office. I will not be able to treat you, as far as giving treatments plans or a diagnosis, but if you are interested, you can purchase some supplementation from the office, if you feel like that would be effective for you. Feel free to call the office number that you see on your screen now. If you have anything else, you sure let us know. I hope you have a great day.

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