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Welcome to Family Wellness Center

Family Wellness Center is a sixteen year old chiropractic and wellness practice in Bountiful, Utah, founded by Dr. Troy Giles, D.C. The practice has undergone many changes and growth during its tenure and we are so happy to be able to present you with it at its finest time ever!
Our mission statement is: “To provide the opportunity for everyone to obtain their highest state of wellbeing.”

We believe we can best support this by working with the Triangle of Health, which is: Structure, Emotion and Physiology. By working with all sides of the Triangle, we can best clear the disturbances in a client’s body. Here’s how it works. One part of the triangle comes under stress and causes the initial disturbance in the body. Over time, the other two sides of the triangle become imbalanced due to the constant stress from the initial problem. As we work with one side of the triangle, improvements will start to happen. However, if the initial stress is still there, the results will be short lived. By working with all parts of the triangle a permanent change can take place.

As our client, we make a commitment to you and your health. Your commitment to us is to follow the treatment program we have outlined for you consistently. By working together your health can take leaps and bounds towards your goal. Call us today!