Hello, my name is Dr. Troy Giles. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Natural Internist. Today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about how to increase your overall energy system and balance your hormones, which is a tremendous important thing at this point that you’re facing right now. A lot of people are suggesting that we do bioidentical hormone therapy, which has some good benefits, but you’re still just manipulating, creating a more effective, more balanced hormone, but it’s still with abnormal or chemical concepts, even though it’s more bioidentical for the patient. There’s a way that we can do that without having to use a chemical. There’s a new supplement out called Zenadapt from the company Inno-Vita and this Zenadapt is adaptogenic herbs. That means that they help you to adapt to and support your hormone system, specifically with the hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal access. That access has to be in alignment in order for you to have good functioning hormones, all the way from female to male. So low testosterone to low functioning estrogen and progesterone. But we’re able to, here in my office, determine where are the problems specifically with not enough of those hormones. So then we’re able to give the Zenadapt. Zenadapt is about fifteen different adaptogens, adaptogenic herbs that will support and repair and bring into balance that function from hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal access. When that access is in alignment, then you can start to produce more effectively your own herbs, your own hormones. So increasing the testosterone, increasing the estrogen, the progesterone, so we give the same herb to support that access for both male and female. Now we might support the female with FemPro, excuse me, Fem-Affirm, thank you and P.M. Sync to support the estrogen and progesterone during the cycle. We might give Man-Affirm for the male for low testosterone, along with Zenadapt. But the concept of supporting, not just with maca, for example, maca’s a tremendous herb and there have been great studies showing that that’s a great adaptogen, but this has about fifteen different adaptogens and nutrients to bring about that balance. When that’s in alignment then the other hormones will come on board. So now your adrenal glands will start to work more effectively in producing more adrenaline. The cortisol levels will drop. It’s just a great affect. So this is something you can call the office for. We can help you and support you there. Feel free to call the number that you see on your screen here and I can answer any of your questions. That will help tremendously. There’s other things, along with supporting the hormones, and energy, but that’s another topic. For right now I hope that’s been beneficial for you and have a great, great weekend.

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