Hi, my name is Dr. Troy Giles. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Natural Internist. I wanted to talk to you today about heart health, specifically for females. Actually, heart disease, heart and cardiovascular disease is the second leading cause of death in females. You wouldn’t realize that but that’s a big issue. Because women don’t like to talk about their issues oft times, as far as they’re not feeling well. They just keep on going, because they have to, they don’t recognize the issue when it happens. A good friend of mine in my neighborhood just passed away a week ago today. She woke up in the middle of the night, a little bit of chest pain, and little bit of neck pain. It started down her left arm and she told her husband, you know, I think we, you know, I’m not feeling good.

He said “Should I call 911.”

She said “No, let’s wait.”

He said “No, let’s go ahead. I’ll take you over to the hospital.”

Walked into the emergency room, sat down, and died in the waiting room. She was 70 years old and not really any signs of it per say. Interestingly enough she said “I think I want to live until I’m about 70,” and she died right at her 70 years. So that’s kind of interesting. But, women specifically, many times aren’t able to express themselves. They’re desiring to express themselves and the emotions all the time, but aren’t quite able to do that. I think what happens is they hold on to a lot of stress. They’re constantly under stress, constantly looking around to see what’s happening. Where men are single focused. Women are multi-focused. They’re focusing on, a lot of times, a lot of things at the same time and are unable to let go of the stress, which then creates an overall acidity level in their system. So the liquids in their system, their blood, their saliva, all of the different fluids become acidic. When you’re more acidic, it has a tendency to cause more lacerations or irritations, if you will, in the arteries, which then plaque can settle around those arteries, and we end up plaqueing out. That’s one issue.

The other issue is just that they’re chronically overstressed and it just causes the heart and everything to be tight all the time. So you want to be able to relax.

Men on the other hand can go, they’re single focused. They’ll go into a box, like a waffle, one concept at a time, and that’s what they’re thinking about. Instead of having so many things to worry about. So I would encourage women to start to release, to relax, to as much as you can give yourself time during the day to settle down. In the evening give yourself an hour to read a book, to watch a movie, or whatever, so you can let the day go, so that as you sleep, you can sleep truly relaxed. Work on eating 70 percent fruits and vegetables in your diet, so that the fruits and vegetables will actually allow your body to be more alkaline, versus acidic. Look at good minerals. A good mineral is one from the Great Salt Lake. We have one here that we use from ____________ that’s a tremendous mineral, that again, comes from the Great Salt Lake that you’re able to absorb. Those minerals will help you to not be so acidic. Also, for overall heart support we use Heart Flow, which repairs the DNA of the heart muscle. So that one is a very effective heart flow. One I’m using recently is called Kardi-Ar, which has 5,000 mg of L-Arginine and 1,000 mg of L-Citruline. L-Arginine helps to create nitric oxide, which is produced by the cells of the arteries. So this nitric oxide is important to help the arteries and veins be more slippery, if you will, and repairs them. It also helps to increase blood flow around. The L-Citruline helps to maintain the ability, or maintain the time that the nitric oxide stays present in the system. So nitric oxide is very effective at helping to dilate the arteries and veins, so that you’re profusing blood through your brain, through the rest of the organs as well. That one is called Kardi-Ar. So there’s a couple of good supplements for you.

Women pay attention. We’re always thinking about men dying of heart attacks. Women’s second leading cause for women’s deaths is heart attacks, cardiovascular issues. So pay attention. Get your cholesterol checked. Take your blood pressure and see where that is. If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact our office or come in and see us and we can help you more.

Until next week, I hope you have a great weekend and a healthy heart.

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