Hi, my name is Dr. Troy Giles and I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic. Today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about how to repair or how to prevent serious injury while boating, or while doing activities on the water. So many of us in the summer time now like to get out behind jet skis, or we get on jet skis or we get in our boat and we have a tube behind the boat and we’re pulling it, pulling the kids around on the tube and I see so many people injured as I’m up on our boat, up at the reservoir. It just is amazing to see. But you all have seen this before where you’re pulling a boat, pulling a tube, and behind the boat generally the speed generally I’m going, you know, maybe 40, oft times I’ve seen people where their going as fast as they can go and make a quick turn. Now you’ve got the boat pulling the tube that’s behind. What that does is it whiplashes that tube so that by the time the boat is making its turn, the tube is way behind, way behind the boat. As it comes around it might be going 50-60 miles an hour across the wake of the boat and whipping out to that side. Of course the kids like to get bucked off of the tube. That’s the whole idea. Buck me off Dad. Go faster. Get me off this tube. You know all three or all five of us are on this tube, get us off. Tip us over. Make bigger waves Dad so that we can hit those and fly up as high as we can go. Major injuries have happened. I’ve been guilty of doing this, of taking one of my scouts, it happened to be on a scout camp, and he’s behind the tube here and we purposely did some circles so that waves were quite large and then pulled the tube through the waves and as the tube hits the waves the kids comes up, you know, five feet in the air and comes back down and hits another wave. His knee hit his chin underneath here and fillet his chin open. It was a gash this big and we to stop our activity and get him to the hospital. In fact, we were at Flaming Gorge, which is three hours away from Salt Lake. We had to stop and taking him home for stitches. But the issue is there’s so much damage taking place behind the boat. So I want to talk to you boat drivers to tell you that’s fun, but watch it. Watch how fast you’re making the turns. If you’re going to be doing this, put, go to the D.I. or to your store around close, your Salvation Army, and get some old football helmets. Strap them in. Get them big bike helmets, something that protects their heads, so that their not smashing into one another. If there are two or three on the tube, watch how fast you’re spinning out, because literally by the time they’re behind the boat and it’s turning, they might be going 50 or 60 miles an hour, coming off of the tube, hitting the water. At that speed, the water is no longer soft. It’s like hitting concrete. Now you’ve got to realize how many whiplashes of the neck, spinal injuries of the low back, really think about that. If you do come off of the tube heavy and you get injured, make sure you get in to your chiropractor to have that looked at, to get it back into position so that it doesn’t heal in an abnormal position that then leads to chronic low back pain. It’s very important. Keep track of yourself during these summer months. Were all out doing, you know, climbing rocks and all the things coming down the rivers and kayaks, whatever it is that we’re doing. When you injure yourself, think about getting in and getting that taken care of. So just be happy, be safe on your boats. Be safe on your water crafts and be very careful about how fast you spin those tubes out there. It’s just an amazing, you don’t think about it, but that’s as though a kids been in a car wreck. Major headaches come from that. Just be really careful. Slow down, have fun behind your boats, but just be really careful. So I hope you have a great boating and summer activity time.

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