Hi, my name is Dr. Troy Giles. I’m a Natural Internist and I specialize in Chiropractic Care. Today I wanted to talk to you about extreme sports and this was a request on the YouTube. Hey what do you know about how to keep myself in top fit as an extreme sport person or a professional athlete. Realizing, we know we have to have our overall nutrients. We have to have vitamins and minerals. Those things are supportive. Those are base nutrients, okay? Make sure that you’re doing your vitamins, minerals, your omega 3’s and omega 6 fatty acids, oils, of course your water and so forth, but the thing with extreme athletes is there’s such mental focus and stress and your getting ready to run a marathon. I have another patient who’s a downhill cyclist, I don’t know if that’s what you call it, but he rides a mountain bike down ski runs as fast as they can go. He’s going off jumps and sailing 70 feet, that kind of thing. I’ve got a wonderful picture of him. That’s such extreme focus, and the stress and the adrenal support. The adrenal glands are putting out adrenaline constantly during that time that you’ve got to think about supporting, with a supplement, your adrenal organ. So the one that I use here is called Adrenix. That one works very well. There’s a lot of adrenal support you can get at your health food store. Everything that I use here is based around the DNA and it’s balanced, but the adrenals need to be supported. The thyroid needs to be supported, because your metabolism is burning such at a higher rate that you need to support the actual thyroid gland. You know to take good nutrients. You’ve got that down already. You wouldn’t be where you are if you weren’t, but supporting those specific organs, so the adrenal glands, the thyroid, then the other one is mental focus. Oh, by the way, Thyroiden is what I give for the thyroid. It balances it. Again, it only uses the vitamins, the minerals, and the herbs that are balancing of the DNA of that organ. It’s a process that they do to make sure that the herbs keep the spin of the DNA the exact same. So you want to do the Adrenix for the adrenal, Thyroiden for the thyroid, and the one I like a lot for brain function is called Cerra-Logic. Cerra-Logic gives you brain ability to be crisp and clear and focused. So if you’re getting ready to do your run, let’s say it’s Lindsey Vaughn and she’s getting ready to do her downhill. She might take Adrenix and a Cerra-Logic, maybe an hour before she runs that process, so that her mental focus is there. She’s on, her brain has been given a specific nutrient. It’s got the energy there. She’s on her game. So all the Olympic athletes phenomenal for that support. That was called Cerra-Logic. The other one that’s pretty good is Seda-Quil. That’s a sedater that helps you to calm down afterwards to get it so that you can get into more of a calm space. The other thing that’s very important, I think, is called B.E.S.T. It’s a chiropractic technique. B.E.S.T. stands for Bio Energy Synchronization Technique. It’s an energy technique that helps you to synchronize the energy in your body and make it so that the meridians, the circuits of energy to all of the organs are working the best that they can as well. And just a regular straight out chiropractic adjustment. Of course you’ve seen me talk about the Pro Adjuster before, where we’re working on specific vertebrae that run to the organs, run out and down the legs, out and down the arms, making sure that you’re on your game. Right now we’re in the MBA Finals. I tell you what, if the guys would understand the importance of appropriate adjusting and making sure that those vertebrae are in exact position, because every nerve root runs out and into your organ that it goes to, okay? Like for example, the thoracic 10 and 11 run out and go to the kidneys. Every single one of those vertebrae, if they’re in position, the energy is passing well to every organ, out and down the arms, out and down the legs to the brain and so forth. So they’re heightened as the best that they can be. So in repass, a good chiropractic adjustment, the best technique for balancing energy, the Cerra-Logic for brain function, Thyroid for thyroid function, or Thyroiden and the Adrenix for the adrenal function. So I hope that would help you well. If you have any questions, feel free to call the office so we can answer any of your questions. Until next time have an awesome weekend all of you extreme sportists.

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