Hello, my name is Troy Giles. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and today we’re going to discuss something that’s very, very important to your health, which is called leaky gut syndrome, which basically means that your colon and your digestive system is leaking and causing toxins to pass through it. So what I’m going to refer to this picture here, if you’ll notice, this represents the inside of your digestive system. Normally the cells and the walls of the digestive system are very tight. They are connected together. If you notice here, these fissures are very tight and there’s a good count of bacteria. Every one of these little flecks right here is representing a bacteria. These little fingers that stick up into the digestive system, into the small and large intestine are called villi. These absorb nutrients into the system. Well what could happen by eating foods that aren’t appropriate or take antibiotic therapy or so forth, it will cause these good bacterias to die. Now that they’re dead you now can start to open up and the colon and digestive system becomes leaky or hyper-permeable. That’s a big word, but permeable means the ability for things to go through. If you notice here, that’s not very permeable, but if I move my fingers apart, more things can get through that system. So now we call this hyper-permeable or leaky gut, which means that these toxins right here are able to pass through and in to the system. The reason why it becomes leaky is because without this good bacteria, fungus, parasites, bacterias, all of these things can penetrate into that system and cause it to become more holy, if you will, leaky. So now these toxins can pass through. Now I’m going to come over to this picture over here where this is two pictures. This is abnormal function. This is appropriate function. Normally, in a healthy intestine only a few toxins leak into the liver. The liver then takes phase I, turns these toxins into an intermediate and phase 2 it takes the intermediate and turns it into water and ultimately to be excreted or gotten rid of out through the kidney, or through the feces. But when we have too much toxins leaking through the colon, it becomes overloaded. Now the liver doesn’t conjugate anymore and these fat-soluble toxins will be attracted to the fat stores and to the brain. So now you start to get more foggy headed. You start to get fat that you can’t lose because it’s full of toxin. Ultimately, these toxins can then get into the lymph system that we talked about on previous videos, the lymphatics and how they can block up and you become more like a swamp. All of this creates or is created or started from the leaky gut syndrome. So coming back over to the picture here now, the idea when we work with leaky gut syndrome is to remove these layers of infection. Get rid of the fungus, the parasites, the bacteria. Give you nutrients that will support and create a strong colon, strong digestive system, tight. Re inoculate the bowel with good bacteria. Support the villi, so that they can regrow and so they can absorb the nutrients. Then reestablish and give you good digestive enzymes so that the food that you do eat your breaking it down into small enough particles to actually be absorbed. This is vital. So what we do during our examination is we determine if you have leaky gut syndrome. If you do, physiologically how your body functions, that’s where we start, by healing the colon and getting it to become tight again, so it doesn’t leak those toxins through. So come on in for a scan. It’s amazing the Asyra scan we talked about earlier, see the Asyra video as well. This will let us know how well the integrity is of your colon. So come on in and get a scan and we’ll see what’s going on. So until we talk next time, have an awesome day.

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